Voting Guidelines

A web page listing voters will be created prior to the meeting and the meeting agenda will reference this list.

Facilitator will refer to voter list at start of meeting and as needed. Participants should be asked if they have any questions regarding who is a voting member of the group.

Prior to the first vote, the facilitator will recap the voting procedure and reference again the voting list. Questions of procedure should be handled prior to the beginning of the vote.

Voting Procedure

Facilitator will announce topic and ask for those in favor....

Members who can vote enter "Y" into channel

those opposed...

Members will enter "N" into channel

Those abstaining...

Members will enter "A" into channel

Facilitator will announce vote.

Unless group requests a recorded vote, the actual vote will be deleted from the log before posting.

David Green
Last modified: Tue Dec 14 18:09:17 CST 1999