IEEE Region 3 Ad Hoc Committees and Appointments

Move that the Region 3 EXCOM approve the establishing of the following mentioned Ad Hoc Committees and the appointment of chairs and other assignments as shown below.

Note that a complete roster will be kept maintained on the web in a private directory.

Note that the voting members of the Excom are marked with an * after their position and the Past Director, Director and Director-elect are also voting members. Charles Lord and Charles Hickman who hold two positions that are voting members still have only one vote each on the Excom.

  David G. Green

  Charles E. Hickman, Ph.D., P.E.

Area 1 Virginia Council*
  Andrew Hargrove, Ph.D., P.E.

Area 2 North Carolina Council*
  Charles J. Lord, P.E.

Area 3 Georgia*
  Edward O'Brien

Area 4 Florida Council*
  Kalpathy Sundaram

Area 5 Tennessee Council*
  David L. Bower

Area 6 Alabama/Mississippi*
  Darrell G. Piatt

Area 7 South Carolina Council*
  Allen Thomas 
Area 8 Kentucky & Indiana*
  John Parr

Area 9 Jamaica*
  Stephen Legister

Awards & Recognition*
  John R. Twitchell

  Charles J. Lord, P.E.

  Brian K. Swail

Educational Activities*
  Atef Elsherbeni

Finance Committee*
  Charles E. Hickman, Ph.D., P.E.

Membership Development*
  Kathy Drevik

Nominations & Appointments*
  James H. Beall

Professional Activities*
  Donald W. Hill

Strategic Planning*
  Robert S. Duggan, Jr., P.E.

Student Activities*
  Bruce Walcott
Student Representative*
  Joey A. Duvall

Communications Subcommittees

Region 3 Archive
  Vernon Powers

Electronic Communications Coordinator
  Brian K. Swail

Newsletter Editor
  R. Brian Skelton

Public Information
  Lee Stogner

Professional Activities Subcommittees

Career Activities
  Charles J. Lord, P.E.

  George F. McClure

USAB Employment Assistance Committee Chair
  David T. Macchiarolo 

Ad Hoc Committees

Corporate Communications
  Bill Harrison

  Bill Ratcliff

GOLD Representative
  Sean Haynes

  Vernon Powers

Leadership Development
  K. Reed Thompson

Regional Life Member Coordinator
  David McLaren

Section/Chapter Coordination
  James M. Howard
Sections Congress Coordinator (co-)
  Daniel W. Jackson

  Percy F. (Butch) Shadwell, Jr.

Special Projects
  Vernon Powers

Special Review
  Roy H. Harris
Southcon Representative (senior)
  James H. Beall

Southcon Representative (junior)
  James M. Howard
SoutheastCon Chairs (information only)

SoutheastCon 1999
  Donald W. Hill

SoutheastCon 2000
  George Cook

SoutheastCon 2001
  Nick Pasquerilla
  Mark Stokes

Southeastcon 2002

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