Student Activities Committee Region 3 Excomm Report (1/01)

RSAC Chair, 2001 - Bruce Walcott

RSR, 2001 - Joey Duvall

RSAC Vice Chair - Stacy Wilson

Southeastcon 2001

As you may know this year's Southeastcon will be held in Clemson, South Carolina March 30 thru April 1. This year, the student conference is being conducted by both student and faculty volunteers at Clemson University. In particular, Julian Grizzard has devoted much time to this year's hardware competition. The goal of the hardware competition this year is to design and build an autonomous vehicle to collect as many as 15 balls placed strategically around a 10' by 4' track and place them in a scoring bin. The track has a two distinct flat home areas (each replete with 6 balls) as well as a middle, or neutral ground that is recessed between the two home areas (containing the final 3 balls). In addition to targeting the 3 neutral balls, a vehicle can invoke the strategy to "steal" opponent's balls from the opposite home area. To score, the vehicle must place the collected balls in the scoring bin then proceed to the start area to "cash out."

Southeastcon 2001 will also see a student software competition. While the exact nature of the software competition is historically kept secret until the time of the competition itself, we do know that the project will involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will mirror the research activities of the Clemson Computer Engineering Department in high performance parallel computing.

More information concerning the student activities can be found on the Southeastcon student web page:

Website Contest

A website contest will also be held, separate from the festivities at Southeastcon with the winner advancing to compete in an international contest. Plans are being finalized now with the schedule forthcoming. It is worth mentioning that last year's Region 3 web contest winner was UT Knoxville, who placed 2nd in the international contest. Congratulations to UT!

Student Leadership Training Workshops

In addition to the SLTW held at Southeastcon 2000, two additional SLTWs were held this past year:

Date Place Hosts

Oct. 14 Orlando, FL Osama Mohammed (

Joey Duvall (

phone: 305-348-3040 fax: 305-348-3707

Oct. 28 Nashville, TN Bruce L. Walcott (

Stacy Wilson (

phone: 859-257-8827 fax: 859-323-4922

Thanks to Osama Mohammed, Joey Duvall, and Stacy Wilson for their help this past year in putting these together. It is hoped that these SLTWs will again flourish in 2001

Upcoming Deadlines:

January 31: Deadline for Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award (see: )

Congratulations to last year's Larry K. Wilson RSAC winner, Amiel Fernandez of the University of South Carolina.

March 15: Extended deadline for entries into the Student Paper contest (see: )

The last order of business is to welcome an old friend back to the SAC fold. Dr. Pat Donohue (of RSAC fame) has agreed to assume the position of Vice Chair of SAC (vacated by another Region 3 alum, David Lee). Welcome back, Pat!

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Walcott and Joey Duvall

RSAC and RSR 2001

IEEE Region 3