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Good career planning allows you to navigate through a lifetime of change. Whether you are starting out, starting over or considering a change, careers require constant self-assessment. Knowledge of individual differences and Personality Type dynamics is essential for enhancing career resilience.

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is a powerful tool for understanding natural preferences and work style behaviors. The MBTI provides an in-depth, personalized account of personality preferences in human functioning. Developing self awareness by understanding personality type leads to enhanced individual effectiveness and enhanced team effectiveness and ultimately to dynamic workplace results

The MBTI career package includes:
- A detailed report and one hour follow-up (by telephone or if local in person) consultation based on your type
- Binder of relevant information on type, work styles, team strengths, preferences, strengths, stressors, leadership and management skills.

    You will learn:
  • Personality type and communication styles
    Understanding personality type and workstyle strengths in organizations
  • Managerial behaviors and Leadership styles
    Learning to adapt your approach to the different types in the areas of problem solving, communicating, decision making, responding to change and managing conflict
  • Six Hats Thinking for effective meetings
    Multiple Intelligences and Personality Type in the workplace
Contact Carolyn Wright, in.touch Recruitment and Consulting Services, at (416) 968-2775 or cwright@itrs.ca to register.
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