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By means of the Jean-Jacques Archambault Award of Merit of the IEEE Eastern Canada Council, IEEE Canada will commemorate these contributions to the development of the Eastern Canada Council.

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J.J. Archambault

On December 23rd, 2001, Quebec lost one of its most brilliant inventors, namely, Mr. Jean-Jacques Archambault, retired engineer of Hydro-Quebec Corporation and inventor of the 735 kV transmission line. During the early 1960's, this invention was considered a first, globally. It gained renown amongst all specialists in the field of electricity. At the start of 2001, the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec unveiled the introduction of the 735 kV transmission technology as Quebec's foremost technology for the 20th Century.

In order to sustain its commitment to the students enrolled in its Institute Programs, last March 2002, Hydro-Quebec issued seven bursaries in the sum of $5,000 each, to graduates of the 2001-2002 academic class. The awards were named in memory of this dedicated research engineer, who will certainly serve as an outstanding academic role model for these students.. The corporation hopes to be able to award 15 such bursaries per year to students of future graduating classes.

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