Vol 24, Issues 3

Special Issue – Best Student Paper Competition, CCECE'99
Feature analysis and classification of chromosome 16 homologues using fluorescence microscopy images

Parvin Mousavi, Rabab K. Ward, and Peter M. Lansdorp

The recognition of facial expressions based on production system

Hideyuki Ebine and Osamu Nakamura

A silicon microfabricated aperture for counting cells using the aperture impedance technique

Kirthi Roberts, M. Parameswaran, Margo Moore, and Richard S. Muller

Geoacoustic parameter estimation using back-wave propagation technique

Reza M. Dizaji, N. Ross Chapman, and R. Lynn Kirlin

A robust high-speed indoor wireless communications system using chirp spread spectrum

John Q. Pinkney, Abu B. Sesay, Spence Nichols, and Rayhan Behin

Improved parametric model for bathymetric waveforms

A. Antoniou, W.-S. Lu, and W. Cheng