Vol 25, Issue 1

Special Issue on Canadian MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) Research
Measuring the deflection of CMOS micromachined cantilever devices using a piezoresistive sensor

Yuan Ma, Alexander M. Robinson, Ron P.W. Lawson, Keith B. Brown, Derek Strembicke, Walter Allegretto, and Tiansheng Zhou

Surface-micromachined reconfigurable multi-slit mask

S. Bakshi, M. Parameswaran, M. Syrzycki, and D. Crampton

Micromachined silicon collimating detector array to view objects in a highly scattering medium

Moninder S. Tank and Glenn H. Chapman

Mask-under-etch characterization of Si{110} in TMAH

A. Pandy, L.M. Landsberger, and M. Kahrizi

An IC-compatible process for fabrication of RF switches and tunable capacitors

R.N. Tait

CMOS-compatible high-temperature micro-heater: Microstructure release and testing

O. Grudin, R. Marinescu, L. Landsberger, D. Cheeke, and M. Kahrizi

Gas-phase xenon difluoride etching of microsystems fabricated through the Mitel 1.5-µm CMOS process

P. Muthukumaran, I. Stiharu, and R.B. Bhat

Pressure measurement using hysteresis effects in cantilever microstructures

K.B. Brown, Y. Ma, A. Garcia, W. Allegretto, R.P.W. Lawson, F.E. Vermeulen, and A.M. Robinson