Vol 26, Issues 3–4

Special Issue – System-on-chip: Issues, challenges and trends
System-on-chip: Issues, challenges and trends

Wael Badawy

Efficient SoC design with homogeneous processor arrays

M. Zajc, R. Sernec, and J. Tasic

Low-power approach for platform-based system-on-chip designs

Sethuraman Ramanathan, Rafael Peset Llopis, and Rajarathnam Chandramouli

Well-level control technique for low-power voltage operation

Kazuhisa Suzuki, Toshiro Takahashi, Yasuhiro Fujimura, Kazuhito Nagashima, and Yasushi Tainaka

A reconfigurable architecture for DSP system-on-chip

Lan-Rong Dung, Yen-Lin Lee, and Chun-Ming Wu

C++ based system-on-chip design

M. Caldari, M. Conti, M. Coppola, M. Giuliodori, and C. Turchetti

Parameterized hardware libraries for configurable system-on-chip technology

Wayne Luk, Tom Kean, Arran Derbyshire, Jörn Gause, Steve McKeever, Oskar Mencer, and Allen Yeow

An embedded DRAM macro architecture for system-on-chip

Toshio Sunaga, Kohji Hosokawa, Shinpei Watanabe, and Masaya Mori

HW/SW co-simulation for fast design-space exploration of multiprocessor embedded systems

William Fornaciari, Luigi Pomante, Fabio Salice, and Donatella Sciuto

A co-design methodology for high-performance real-time systems

Wael Badawy, Ashok Kumar, and Magdy Bayoumi

Architecture of a fast Internet switch on chip

Nader F. Mir

A CMOS imager with on-chip processing for image enhancement and edge detection

Amine Bermak, Farid Boussaïd, and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

A Fabry-Perot optical sensor system-on-chip

Shahrokh Ahmadi and Mona Zaghloul