Vol 27, Issue 1

Special Issue on Canadian MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) Research
The effects of proton irradiation on electrothermal micro-actuators

Robert W. Johnstone, Kevin F. Ko, Janey C. Yang, M. Parameswaran, and Lorne S. Erhardt

Micro-assembly of microelectromechanical components into 3-D MEMS

Nikolai Dechev, William L. Cleghorn, and James K. Mills

Tunable CMOS MEMS electromechanical bandpass filters

T. Zhou and A.M. Robinson

Testing for the work envelope of 3-DOF micromanipulators

Yongjun Lai, Dan Sameoto, Ted Hubbard, and Marek Kujath

Gas mixture analysis and vacuum measurement using a CMOS micromachined optical Pirani gauge

Keith B. Brown, Yuan Ma, Ron P.W. Lawson, Walter Allegretto, Fred E. Vermeulen,.

Micromachining and operation of a bistable electrothermal actuator

I.C. Ressejac, L.M. Landsberger, J.F. Currie, and L. Isnard

A comparison between RF MEMS switches and semiconductor switches

P.D. Grant, R.R. Mansour, and M.W. Denhoff