Vol 29, Issues 1 - 2

Guest editorial: advances in wireless communications and networking

Hossain, E. ; Weihua Zhuang

Unified performance bounds for generalized selection diversity combining in independent generalized fading channels

Chen, Y. ; Tellambura, C. ; Annamalai, A.

Maximal-ratio eigen-combining: a performance analysis

Siriteanu, C. ; Blostein, S.D.

Multilevel code design for multistage and parallel decoding schemes for rayleigh fading channels

Karabulut, G. ; Yongacoglu, A.

Performance of multicarrier DS-CDMA systems with time-limited chip waveforms

Nguyen, H. H.

Linear-complexity detection with iterative processing for space-time coded systems

Mysore, N. ; Bajcsy, J.

A new CDMA/SDMA structure with transmit diversity

Wei Li ; Gulliver, T.A. ; Esmaeili, M.

Source-based network-balanced receive power control with fixed base station assignment in cellular multimedia CDMA systems

Anpalagan, A.

Multiple-antenna communication systems: an emerging technology

Goud, P. ; Schlegel, C. ; Krzymien, W.A. ; Hang, R.

Integrated rate, power and cell control in cellular CDMA systems: an interference-balancing approach

Anpalagan, A. ; Sousa, E.

An adaptive resource reservation strategy for handoff in wireless CDMA cellular networks

Jinfang Zhang ; Mark, Jon W. ; Xuemin Shen

An efficient wireless resource management scheme to support handoff data recovery in packet-switched cellular multicast networks

Zhifeng Jiang ; Leung, V.C.M.

User mobility support in an urban CDMA-based wireless network

Cheung, M. ; Mark, Jon W.

Adaptive bandwidth framework for provisioning connection-level QoS for next-generation wireless cellular networks

Nasser, N. ; Hassanein, H.

Comparisons of link-adaptation-based scheduling algorithms for the WCDMA system with high-speed downlink packet access

Li-Chun Wang ; Ming-Chi Chen

Scheduling algorithms for high-throughput packet data service in cellular radio systems

Elliott, R.C. ; Krzymien, W.A.

TCP performance over mobile ad hoc networks

Chen, X. ; Hongqiang Zhai ; Jianfeng Wang ; Yuguang Fang

Fixed cycles and adaptive bandwidth allocation can coexist in bluetooth

Misic, J. ; Misic, V.B. ; Ko, E.W.S.

Perfor mance of a QoS-based multiple-route ad hoc on-demand distance vector protocol for mobile ad hoc networks

Fapojuwo, A. ; Salazar, O. ; Sesay, A.B.