Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vol 33, Issues 3 —4

A new design tool to protect industrial long-cable PWM ASD systems against high-frequency overvoltage problems

Amarir, S. ; Al-Haddad, K.

Multiple description coding by successive quantization

Moradi, S.; Linder, T. ; Gazor, S.

Selenium-based amorphous silicon flat-panel digital X-ray imager for protein crystallography

Sultana, A. ; Karim, K.S. ; Rowlands, J.A.

>Cooperative hybrid multi-camera tracking for people surveillance

Yan Lu ; Payandeh, S.

Novel dual auxiliary circuits for ZVT-PWM converters

Wannian Huang ; Xing Gao ; Bassan, S. ; Moschopoulos, G.

All-optical processing using light intensity and wavelength recognition

Boubas, A.Y. ; Bettayeb, M.

Design tradeoff analysis of floating-point adders in FPGAs

Malik, A. ; Dongdong Chen ; Younhee Choi ; Moon Ho Lee ; Seok-Bum Ko

Combining ESOP minimization with BDD-based decomposition for improved FPGA synthesis

Muma, K. ; Dongdong Chen ; Younhee Choi ; Dodds, D. ; Moon Ho Lee ; Seok-Bum Ko

Fixed-switching-frequency DTC control for PM synchronous machine with minimum torque ripples

Ziane, H. ; Retif, J.M. ; Rekioua, T.

Development of an electrothermal simulation tool for integrated circuits: Application to a two-transistor circuit

Mohammadi, F.A. ; Attar, S.

Optimal routing and wavelength assignment for survivable multifibre WDM networks

Jaekel, A. ; Chen, Y.

A new compact dual-core architecture for AES encryption and decryption

Hua Li ; Jianzhou Li

A robust algorithm for text region detection in natural scene images

Jonghyun Park ; Gueesang Lee