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Mohab Anis



Mohab Anis

Area of Expertise
Electronics and VLSI

Mohab Anis is an Associate Professor of Electronics Engineering at the American University in Cairo. Mohab received the B.Sc. degree (with honors) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, in 1997 and the M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in 1999 and 2003, respectively. Between 2003 and 2010, he was a tenured Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the same institution.

He has authored 150 international papers, 3 patents, and 3 books. He is on the Editorial Board of 9 international journals including IEEE-TVLSI, IEEE-TCASI, IEEE-TCASII and ACM-TODAES. Mohab has supervised 15 PhD and 14 Master students. Mohab was awarded three of the highest Canadian national awards for excellence in innovation in Canada's IT sector; The Early Research Award from Ontario's Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Colton Medal for Research Excellence and the IEEE International Design Award.

Mohab holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo (2002), an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2008), and a Masters in Management Sciences with a concentration in Technological Innovation (2008).