Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Om Malik



Om Malik

Power, Control and Energy Systems

  • Adaptive and Intelligent Control Applications.
  • Optimal and Adaptive Control.
  • Performance analysis of Large Power Systems.
  • Load flow studies and Load Frequency Control.
  • Electric Energy Management and Optimization.
  • Control and design of power electronic circuits for alternative energy systems.

Om Malik worked in the Electric Power Utilities Industry for 9 years after earning his B.Sc. before going back to obtain Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. He also obtained DIC from Imperial College, London. After working with English Electric Co. for a short time, he moved to Canada. He taught first at the University of Windsor and then the University of Calgary where he is at present Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Professor Malik has done pioneering work in the development of Adaptive and Artificial Intelligence based controllers for application in electric power. After extensive testing in the laboratory and in actual power systems, these controllers are employed on large generating units. He has also performed extensive work in power system protection, particularly digital and Artificial Intelligence based protection schemes, generation of electric power from wind, etc.

Over 90 students have successfully completed their Ph.D. and master’s degrees under his supervision. Dr. Malik has published about 360 papers in international journals and presented over 350 papers in various conferences. He is the coauthor of one book published by IEEE Press.