The Latin American Robotics Council (LARC) has as goal to organize, with the support of local groups, annual regional and national latin american robotics competitions and symposia. The council promotes the programming of these events, defines the basis for the competitions, and interacts with local volunteers who finally develop the activities themselves. The council works mainly through Internet.

The Latin American Robotics Council is sponsored by the robotics and automation society RAS belonging to IEEE through national professional and student chapters in the region.



- Organization of the regional Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC).

- Organization of the regional Latin American Robotics Symposium (LARS).

- Organization of the national Robotics Competitions (currently Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela).

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2016 Regional Activities:

  • XV Latin American Robotics Competition - LARC (Recife, Brasil)

  • XIII Latin American Robotics Simposium - LARS (Recife, Brasil)

2016 National Activities:

  • XIV Brasilian Student Robotics Contest (Brasil)

  • XV Chilean Student Robotics Contest (Chile)

  • XIII Colombian Student Robotics Contest (Colombia)

  • XII Mexican Student Robotics Contest (Mexico)

  • X Peruvian Student Robotics Contest (Peru)

  • VIII Uruguayan Student Robotics Contest (Uruguay)

  • XII Venezuelan Student Robotics Contest (Venezuela)

2016 Additional Activities:

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