2016 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium (IEEE TechSym 2016), 30 September - 2 October, 2016, IIT Kharagpur, India

Bengali Digit Recognition in the Wild Challenge

Problem Statement

BDRW is a real-world image dataset for developing machine learning and vision algorithms with minimal requirement on data pre-processing and formatting to identify digits of the decimal number system appearing in Bengali script. It can be seen as similar in flavor to SVHN (e.g., the images are of small cropped digits), but incorporates higher visual heterogeneity and comes from a significantly harder, unsolved, real world problem (recognizing digits and numbers in natural scene images). BDRW is obtained from numbers appearing in photographs, printed materials, sign boards, wall writings, calendar or book pages, etc.


The dataset is hosted on Kaggle: BDRW Dataset

Submission Instructions

  • Participants can have a team with maximum 3 members.
  • Any UG/PG/PhD student or freelancer or industry professional can participate.
  • The challenge contester would have to provide the testing codes and trained models (if any) to the organizers of the challenge for evaluation and benchmarking.
  • Evaluation would be done from the Day 1 of conference: 30 Sept. 2016.
  • We would only be accepting submissions which make use of Python, C++, Lua and supported libraries are Scipy, Numpy, Theano, TensorFlow, Torch, cuDNN, DIGITS, CUDA. OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Supported hardware include RAM upto 24 GB, GPU upto Titan X with 12 GB RAM, HDD space upto 512GB. Evaluation would be done on the test set which would be arranged like the training set provided. Any submission making use of any proprietary or software implementation beyond those mentioned above would not be considered.
  • Report at the conference desk for submitting your entries on the evaluation day. Pre-register your team
  • Deadline: 29-September-2016

Winning Criteria

  • Each presented submission would be executed on the same hardware with the specification mentioned above and raked individually for categories of (i) accuracy, (ii) sensitivity, (iii) specificity, (iv) F-score, (v) speed. The ranks would be integrated together for deciding on the winners. In case of a tie-up in raking score, speed would be the tie-breaker criteria.
  • The final prizes will be awarded as per the discretion the BDRW Organizers.

Awards for Team

The winner and runner up teams will be given certificates along with cash prizes. The other participants will be provided participation certificates. Cash prizes:

  • Winner: Rs. 6000
  • Runner Up: Rs. 4000

Please post any queries on the Kaggle dataset page and they would be responsed by the organizers.

Registration Form

Please fill the registration form below to pre-register. The payment details is mentioned on the form. The following are the registration categories.

  • Option 1: Student (INR 2000 / USD 40)
  • Option 2: Professional (INR 3000 / USD 60)
  • Option 3: Student (INR 500) **

Please note Options 1 & 2 include facility to attend the General Sessions, Guest Lectures for 3 days and Food for 3 days. **Option 3 is for Students from IIT Kharagpur to attend ONLY challenge sessions, and does not include any food.