2016 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium (IEEE TechSym 2016), 30 September - 2 October, 2016, IIT Kharagpur, India

Filter Design Challenge

Problem Statement

Design a bandpass filter in single layered, single sided microstrip line technology without any active components or short circuiting vias having the following specifications.

  1. Centre frequency f_0 = 2.4 GHz.
  2. Mid band insertion loss better than -2 dB.
  3. |S_21| at least -30 dB down at (f_0±0.3) GHz.
  4. In-band |S_11| is better than -15 dB.
  5. At least 30 dB suppression of |S_21 | upto 2*f_0.

Design Instructions to be Followed

The filter is to be designed using a 1.6 mm thick FR-4 substrate having area (5 cm by 5 cm). At least 5 mm long 50 ohm microstrip feeding line must be provided to connect the SMA at both the ports.

Submission Instructions

  • Participants can have a team with maximum 3 members.
  • Any UG/PG/PhD student or industry person can participate.
  • The designers have to bring the fabricated filter and the design will be validated by measurement at the time of conference design contest event.
  • Pre-register your team.
  • The contestant have to make one poster to describe the working principle of the filter.
  • Submit your poster using this format by email to filter.challenge.techsym@gmail.com.
  • Deadline: 22-September-2016

Winning Criteria

  • The design having largest fractional bandwidth (FBW) will be the winner.
  • Only fully complete entries will be eligible prizes.
  • The final prizes will be awarded as per the discretion the FDC Committee.

Awards for Team

The winner and runner up teams will be given certificates along with cash prizes. The other participants will be provided participation certificates. Cash prizes:

  • Winner: Rs. 6000
  • Runner Up: Rs. 4000

Registration Form

Please fill the registration form below to pre-register. The payment details is mentioned on the form. The following are the registration categories.

  • Option 1: Student (INR 2000 / USD 40)
  • Option 2: Professional (INR 3000 / USD 60)
  • Option 3: Student (INR 500) **

Please note Options 1 & 2 include facility to attend the General Sessions, Guest Lectures for 3 days and Food for 3 days. **Option 3 is for Students from IIT Kharagpur to attend ONLY challenge sessions, and does not include any food.