2016 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium (IEEE TechSym 2016), 30 September - 2 October, 2016, IIT Kharagpur, India

Authors' Instructions

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Manuscripts are to be prepared according to IEEE two-column conference format in letter-paper. The language of the manuscript should be English. Use the following templates for preparing your blind-submission manuscripts. Read about the Editorial Policies on blind submission before preparing the manuscript.

Download Latex2e template

Download MSWord template

IEEE Manuscript Preparation Guidelines Read more

Manuscript is Prepared for Blind Submission

IEEE TechSym 2016 accepts only blind submissions. The author(s) should ensure that their names or associated identities do not appear anywhere through the contants manuscript. Author affiliations are to be replaced with the Paper ID generated during the submission to hide identity of the author(s) from the reviewers and ensure perfect double-blind unbiased review. View sample blind manuscript here. Noncompliance will lead to outright rejection without review according to Editorial Policies.

How to obtain Paper ID for Blind Submission?

The Paper ID must be included in the manuscript before uploading it on the portal. To acquire the Paper ID when creating a new submission, the authors should click the submit button on the same page where they will provide the title, abstract and subject areas. Note that authors do not need to upload the manuscript to acquire the ID. Authors will be re-directed to the author console, where they will find their Paper ID. This ID must be entered in the manuscript (in the space provided below the title), which can then be uploaded by editing the paper submission from the author console.

Manuscript limits

All Final Manuscript should have a page length up to 6 pages (letter size, single space, Times Roman of font size 10, two columns format), including figures, tables and references using the template for IEEE TechSym 2016. The title of the submission should be limited to 256 characters and abstract should be within 2,000 characters.

Note: No additional page exceeding this limit of 6 pages is allowed.

Figures and Illustrations

Since reviews and final publication are based on electronic media, full color graphics are supported for figures and illustrations at no extra cost.

Manuscript submission throught CMT

Manuscript submission and review process management is handled online through Microsoft CMT.

The upload limit for submissions on CMT has been fixed to 5 MB. Allowed file types for submission are PDF/DOC. Authors' are strongly suggested to prefer uploading PDF files to reduce upload material size, and preserve structural integrity of their manuscript. Authors are allowed to make changes to their submission any number of times before the deadline. If your submission is selected for presentation at the symposium, you will have to submit a separate camera ready copy with complete author list. Title of the submission, abstract, author name(s) and their ordering entered into the system during initial submission (before submission deadline) will be retained throughout the symposium, with no scope of reflecting changes made even during camera ready submission.

Primary area of interest selection

When you submit a paper, you will be asked to specify its associated subject areas. Please note that you indicate only one "primary" subject area. Please pay extra attention in selecting your subject areas, as this information is critical in allowing us to properly assign papers to reviewers.

Transforming Lives through the Power of Technology - Awards nomination

Authors are also encouraged to nominate their submission for maximum of 2 award categories at the time of initial submission, unchangeable after submission deadlines expire. Alternatively, they may also choose to abstain from any nomination. Click here to see the details on awards.

Agreement on Non-Duplicacy of Submission

Authors are also required to certify their adherance to non-duplicacy term of the Editorial Policies.

Supplementary material submission

Supplementary file submission is allowed over CMT. Authors are encouraged to upload their findings and graphs to substantiate their findings. Allowed file types are PDF/DOC upto a limit of 5MB.