IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference

IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference Tracks

Author No-Show Policy

IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference enforces a "no show" policy. Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author attend and present the paper at the conference. Authors of the accepted papers included in the final program who do not attend the conference will be subscribed to a "No Show List", compiled by the Organizers. The "no-show" papers will be removed from the Master CD.

Double blind review

Reviewing of submissions for IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conferenceis double blind, in which authors do not know the identities of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the identities of the authors. Authors are suggested to avoid providing information that may identify them in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs) and in the supplemental material (e.g., titles in the movies, or attached papers). Reviewers are suggested to follow fair blind reviewing techniques in submitting comments to an authors' paper. Avoid providing links to websites that identify the authors or reviewers. Violation of any of these guidelines will lead to rejection of the submission without review.

Non-Duplicacy of Submission

By submitting a manuscript to IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference, the authors guarantee that it has not been previously published (or accepted for publication) in a substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either is under review at the moment of submission or will be submitted during the review period to any other symposium, conference, workshop, or journal. The authors also attest that they have not submitted substantially similar submissions to any of the tracks in IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference. Violation of any of these conditions will lead to rejection.

Integrity of Submission

Title of the submission, abstract, author name(s) and their ordering entered into the system during initial submission (before submission deadline) will be retained throughout the conference, with no scope of reflecting changes made even during camera ready submission. Any changes to on these information without prior approval of the Track Chair will lead to disqualification and outright rejection of an accepted submission from presentation at the symposium.


Authors' responsibilities

If there are papers that may appear to violate any of these conditions, authors' are suggested to cite these papers (preserving anonymity criteria), substantiate with statements in the body of the paper about how the submission is non trivially different from other concurrent submissions, and include anonymized versions of such papers in the supplemental material.