IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference

IEEE TechSym 2014 Satellite Conference Competitions



Do you have the wits and skills to impress a huge audience and a tough panel of judges with a three minute speech? You have shown up at the right place! Content, clarity and charisma are all that we seek. Wondering what to talk about? Absolutely anything related to science, mathematics and engineering!

  • How does an aeroplane fly?
  • Why do we yawn?
  • What would an alien look like?
  • What is love?

Criteria for eligibility:

  • 18 years and above
  • All participants must possess a valid ID card and an external participant tag which will be issued from VIT University.


  • Deadline for registration is 28th Feb 2014 (10:00pm IST).
  • First come first serve basis..
  • Online registration
  • Fee: Rs 100
  • Internal participants has to pay the registration fee on or before 5th March 2014.
  • External participants may register in the below link and pay the fee on the first day of the conference.

You may register for TechSpee on the following link

Participants can talk on any topic related to science, mathematics and engineering in an engaging manner to non-specialist audience.

  • Talk should be strictly maintained to 3 minutes. Exceeding the time limit will lead to disqualification.
  • Power point presentations are not allowed.
  • Props are permitted provided they can be easily carried on to the stage. No extra time will be allotted for set up.
  • Content: The content of the presentation should be accurate and scientific. Your presentation should acknowledge opposing views in cases of controversial topics.
  • Clarity: Quality and structure of the presentation plays a major role, leaving an understanding of the topic chosen to the audience.
  • Charisma: The winner will be the person who can effectively get the audience enthused, excited and entertained with science.
  • Any form of misconduct that is displeasing and offensive will lead to immediate disqualification.

First Prize
First Runner up