IEEE DCAS 2016 Conference Track details

IEEE DCAS 2016 - Detailed Conference Program (Conference Tracks)
  Paper Title Affiliation
A1 Speaker load diagnostics for switching automotive audio amplifiers Texas Instruments, Dallas
A2 Digital Adjustment of DC Motor Drive Circuit Parameters Texas Instruments, Dallas
A3 Design Considerations of CMOS Active Inductor for Low Power Applications California State University Northridge
A4 Fast Transient Response and High PSRR Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulator San Jose State University
P1 Digital Implementation of Constant Power Load (CPL), Active Resistive, Constant Current and Combinations University of Texas at Dallas
P2 High PSRR Low Drop-Out Regulator with Isolated Replica Feedback Ripple Cancellation Technique University of Texas at Dallas
P3 Low-Cost Non-Intrusive Device Identification System Solarillion Foundation
P4 Low-Power LLC Resonant AC-DC Converter for Phone Charging Applications University of Texas at Dallas
R1 A 3.25 GS/s 4-Tap Analog FIR Filter Design with Coefficient Control using 6-bit Split-Capacitor DAC as a Tunable Coefficient Multiplier Virginia Tech
R2 A Full-Duplex Transceiver Employing Inverse Class-D Power Amplifiers University of Texas at Austin
R3 A Study of the Low Frequency Noise (LFN) in Reference Injected Phase Locked Loops (RI-PLLs) The Ohio State University
R4 A Low-Power RF Receiver Front-End Chip Designed with Methods to Reduce Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion Northeastern University
R5 Wide Band Programmable True Time Delay Block for Phased Array Antenna Applications Arizona State University
S1 Contactless Hand Tremor Detector based on an Inductive Sensor University of Texas at Arlington
S2 A 52 ps Resolution ILO-Based Time-to-Digital Converter Array for LIDAR Sensors Texas A&M University, College Station
S3 Fast Transient Digitizer Chip For Capturing Single-Shot Events University of Nevada, Las Vegas
S4 Neural Network Based Real-time Heart Sound Monitor Using a Wireless Wearable Wrist Sensor University of Texas at Arlington
D1 Traffic-Aware Power-Gating Scheme for Network-On-Chip Routers  University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana
D2 Red Baron: Near/Post-Silicon SoC Cache Coherence Stress Tester Texas Instruments, Dallas
D3 Memristor Based High Fan-out Logic Gates University of Texas at Austin
D4 A High Throughput Fully Parallel-Pipelined FPGA Accelerator for Dense Cloud Motion Analysis Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, India
B1 Thermal Modeling of the Non-Linear Thermal Resistance of the SiGe HBT using the HICUM Model University of Texas at Arlington
B2 Memory Circuits using NanoFerroic Devices University of Texas at Dallas
B3 Signal Integrity Analysis of Serpentine Traces in IC Packages Texas Instruments, Dallas
B4 A Linear High Gain Time Difference Amplifier Using Feedback Gain Control University of Nevada, Las Vegas
B5 A switched capacitor based transimpedance amplifier for detection of HAB using an optical sensor University of Texas at Arlington
B6 A low power, low noise Preamplifier for Hearing Aids University of Texas at Arlington
B7 A Radiation-Hardened DLL with Fine Resolution and Duty Cycle Corrector for Memory Interface   University of Houston
B8 High Frequency Noise Characterization of BiCMOS Transistors over Temperature University of Texas at Dallas
B9 Characterization of Active Inductors with Modified Determinant Expansion Analysis San Jose State University