Features and Usage

 This software simulates the motional behavior of a slide-table drive system. The system consists of a DC motor, gearbox, lead screw and table. The simulator has three windows for graphs, legends and 3D animations. The simulation can be controlled with buttons just as in a media player.The graph window shows the slide table’s motional behavior, and has a track bar at top that can be moved. The graph data for the track bar position are displayed in the legend window. Parameters for the motor, gears, lead/nut, transmission, and table can be set using the pull-down menu for "setting".

The parameters in the legend window can be set by clicking the colored line; this will make a dialog box appear for setting min. and max. values on the Y-axis. The graph color can be changed by clicking the color box so that the color palette appears. You can also choose which parameters will appear in the graph by clicking the white boxes for check marks.
 The 3D animation will begin when the play button is clicked. Once running, the program cannot be interrupted until it has completed its run. The table moves according to the calculated position and speed. Note, however, that the gear speed in the animation does not represent simulated values. Our aim with this prototype is to interest students in the subject.


This software can be compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ ver.6.0 or later version. We wrote our software with Microsoft Visual C++ ver.6.0 (Japanese version).


Target specifications for Windows 95 and 98 are listed below. Windows NT4 requires an additional 8MB RAM. Note that our software is not supported on Windows 3.1 and NT 3.51.
Preferred specs:
Pentium-100 or better
5MB hard disk space
High Color display adapter@800x600


We do not have complete support for the “open”,”save”,”save as”and “print” functions in the tool bar. They will be added in the future.

Thank you very much for your interest in our software.