Setting Up Chapter's Website


Revised from a document produced by the

IEEE Santa Clara Valley (USA) Section


1.     Assign a chapter's webmaster who is responsible for the site


2.     Report chapter webmaster's name to section officers


3.     Request a website account for your chapter

a.     Go to

b.     Click on  "Registration", left vertical navigation bar




4.     Fill out Entity Web Hosting Account Registration


a.     Enter Name and IEEE member number

b.     For Organization Unit Type, select "Chapter"

c.      For Organization Name, enter [Your_Chapter_name]

d.     Enter Day phone and Email address




5.     Once done, Registration Confirmation is displayed


6.     When approved, IEEE headquarter emails you the new username and password for your chapter. These are necessary for uploading your future web files.


7.     Generate a chapter home page: index.html (on your PC)


8.     Upload the home page and data to EWH server :


                   username: [your newly assigned chapter's username]

                   password: [your newly assigned chapter's password]


9.     Pilot run your website on your laptop or home computer.  If your Section has a Website, inform Sectionís webmaster of linking your web site from the section's site.