The Industry Applications Magazine

The IEEE Industry Applications Magazine has obtained many of its technical papers from those presented at Conferences sponsored by IAS, or by Technical Committees of IAS. Magazine articles differ in a number of respects from papers published in TRANSACTIONS, but the common element is that both are excellent, top-rated papers as rated by the review process. In general, Magazine articles tend to be:

  • less theoretical, more practical
  • shorter and of more general interest
  • less archival, more immediate
  • less R&D, more applications oriented
  • more informal style, with more art and fewer references and equations
  • an avenue for dialogue and/or tutorial on topics of current interest

Selection of a paper for publication in the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine is not meant to be construed as a direct alternative to that paper being published in IAS TRANSACTIONS. A good test of a magazine article is to ask the question: "Can a professional take the material from this article and apply it in the near future to enhance the business success of his or her employer."

For those papers, or articles, that are selected for publication in the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, and which have not been included in a Conference sponsored by IAS, or by a Technical Committee of IAS, the Conference Presentation Policy normally applicable to papers published in Transactions does not apply.

It is not expected that Discussions and Closures for particular articles that are printed in the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine will be printed as such. However, if readers write their comments on a particular article that has been printed in the Magazine to the Editor-in-Chief, their comments may then be printed as a Letter to the Editor, if the Editor-in-Chief decides to do so.

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