IEEE IMTC 2006 Evaluation for Distinguished Lecturers

The Instrumentation & Measurement Society is looking for subject matter experts to fill roles as distinguished lecturers for the society. The Distinguished Lecturer Program provides interesting speakers, who are recognized as experts in a technical field, to represent the Instrumentation & Measurement Society and build its reputation and utility among technical professionals.

The IEEE IMTC 2006 will have a special session to evaluate potential candidates for the Distinguished Lecturer Program. That special session will be held the afternoon of Thursday, 27 April 2006, at the Sorrento Hilton.

Each presentation will be a “micro-tutorial” on a subject or field associated with instrumentation and measurement. Some potential topics include:

  • sensor networks and architectures,
  • the 1451 standard,
  • calibration techniques,
  • ADC testing techniques,
  • new measurement techniques,
  • distributed measurement systems,
  • critical issues in measurement, and
  • methods of developing instrumentation and systems.

Each presentation must be no longer than 12 minutes. Presenters may use PowerPoint slides and may provide other visual aides, if so desired. Each speaker will be evaluated on his/her ability to convey the subject material, provoke interest in the subject, and keep to the guidelines (12 minutes or less).

Anyone wishing to be evaluated for the Distinguished Lecturer Program must prepare an abstract in Microsoft Word that is between 500 and 1000 words in length. Please submit your abstract via email to Mr. Kim Fowler by or before 18 March 2006. Send your abstract to:

Mr. Kim Fowler <>

We will notify you of acceptance or rejection for presentation and evaluation for the Distinguished Lecturer Program by 24 March 2006.