Grand Hotel di Como
via per Cernobbio
22100 Como, Italy
phone: +39 (031) 5161
fax: +39 (031) 516-600
category: ****


The list of other 4-, 3-, and 2- stars hotel in which the attendees will be accommodated will be posted after 1 April 2004.


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The hotel reservation for the conference attendees is centrally managed by the Grand Hotel di Como.

Hotels for the conference attendees include the Grand Hotel di Como (conference site and headquarters hotel), other hotels at walking distance from the conference site, and other hotels in downtown Como and in other villages nearby. The reservation confirmation that will be sent by the Grand Hotel di Como will contain also the name and the address of the hotel in which the room has been reserved.

Only through the conference researvation service provided by the Grand Hotel di Como the conference attendees will be able to have the discounted rates in the 4-, 3-, and 2-star hotels at the following rates:

4* hotel, single occupancy 120.00 Euro
4* hotel, double occupancy 160.00 Euro
4* hotel, triple occupancy 180.00 Euro
3* hotel, single occupancy 100.00 Euro
3* hotel, double occupancy 130.00 Euro
3* hotel, triple occupancy 150.00 Euro
2* hotel, single occupancy 80.00 Euro
2* hotel, double occupancy 100.00 Euro
2* hotel, triple occupancy 120.00 Euro

Rates include mandatorily the buffet breakfast.

Rates include 10% VAT and service.

The reservation deadline to obtain the above discounted rates is 31 MARCH 2004. No exception. Reservation requests will be processed with the first-in first-served policy.

Once the 3- and 2-stars hotels are completely booked, the confirmation will be automatically given for the 4-stars hotels at the rate of the 4-stars hotel.

From 1 April 2004, subject to room availability, reservation will be possible with a surcharge of 15% with respect to the above rates.

The conference rates from April 1st, 2004, in the 4* hotel are:
4* hotel, single occupancy 138.00 Euro
4* hotel, double occupancy 184.00 Euro
4* hotel, triple occupancy 207.00 Euro

All the above rates are valid only for reservations concerning any period from 14 May 2004 till 23 May 2004.

The reservation service performed by the Grand Hotel di Como is free of charge.

To obtain the above rates, the reservation must be guaranteed by credit card with valid expiration date. No exception.

Cancellations must be always addressed to the Grand Hotel di Como. Cancellations will be accepted without penalties if performed before 10 May 2004. Cancellation received from 11 May 2004 are subject to a charge equal to the total amount due for whole reserved period (i.e., the number of reserved night times the daily rate of the reserved room).


To make your reservation, please, fill in the hotel reservation form which is made available in the following formats: Then, send this form to the Grand Hotel di Como by using ONLY ONE of the following ways:
  • by fax to fax +39-031-516-600, attn. Mr. Michele Toncelli,
  • by email or
Please, do NOT fax the hotel reservation form to anybody else (e.g., the conference organizers, the conference registration service, the sponsors)!

Reservation that have not been faxed or emailed to the Grand Hotel di Como will not be considered.


For further information concerning the conference hotels or your reservation, please, contact only the Grand Hotel di Como by phone at +39-031-5161, by fax at +39-031-516-600, or by email at or

We would like to remind you that the other organizers have absolutely no information about your hotel reservation: therefore, we warmly recommend that you do not waste your time in contacting them.


To reach the Conference Hotel and the other hotels in which you have been accommodated, please visit the VENUE page.