Culture is not only attending at technical meetings.
Culture is also visiting other countries, meeting other people, making new friends,
understanding other ways of living, tasting different foods and drinks, learning new histories, knowing other traditions, rediscovering the nature, ...

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When attending the technical meetings in Como, do not miss the opportunity to experience Como, its people, its culture, its history, its food and wine, its fashion, its lake, ...

You find below some links that may help you to plan your visit and stay in Como: And do not miss the opportunity to visit the whole area around the lake, the small villages, the beauty mountains, and more.
  • Lecco, the birthplace of Alessandro Manzoni, poeth and author of "Promessi Sposi". (Sorry: this is site is in Italian only...)
  • Valtellina: a lovely valley where you can admire the nature, taste typical products, and meet friendly people ...
  • plenty of information on the surrounding area...


If you have few more days, why not to visit also other cities, villages, and places in Italy? Take a break from your work! Get a few days of vacation and relax...

Are you looking for any ideas? Here they are! ... and here you find information and ideas about places all over Italy (including further information about the above cities):

A large industrial and commercial city, with a cultural heritage that is worth visiting:


The most romantic and unforgettable lagoon of the world, full of monuments, bridges, calli, campielli, and gondolas.


A jewel in the green hills of Tuscany...


A quiet town, where San Francesco was born and founded his order. This is a spiritual retreat full of history and monuments, in the heart of the green Umbria.


Have you never heard about Rome in Italy?!?!? Maybe you are not from our planet....
But also in this case, you will be glad to plan a visit to it!!! Don't be shy! Doesn't matter if your skin is green. Doesn't matter if your eyes are at the end of funny antennas! You will be always welcome in Rome!!!!

Besides, in the year 2000 Rome will be one of the worldwide centers of the Catholic Jubileum.


Lugano is a nice town in Switzerland, very close to Como. You can find information and direction