The IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement publishes a Special Issue by collecting the best results presented at IMTC. This special issue is published in the middle of the year following the conference.

Papers submitted to the IMTC Special Issue must be extended and expanded versions of papers accepted and presented at the conference. The structure and the quality of the submitted papers must be suited for consideration in an archival journal. Direct submission of the paper published in the proceedings is usually not appropriate for the Transactions. In particular, authors should include a suited review of the state of the art, motivation of the research, details about the adopted methodologies, and a number of experimental results with extensive comments.

If you are planning to submit your paper for the IMTC Special Issue, please follow the instructions below.


Read and follow carefully all the following instructions.

  1. Read the Information for Authors on the Society web page and make sure your paper complies with IEEE standards of quality, presentation, and formatting. At this time, you need to submit only the Manuscript Cover Sheet and the manuscript. Additional information are available at the IEEE web site.

  2. Your paper must be single column, double spaced and printed on one side of the paper only.

  3. Follow the title of your paper with a list of all authors, then give the name, address, phone, fax and email of the corresponding author.

  4. Before beginning the text of your paper, please insert a brief Abstract followed by a list of five to eight Key Words (now required by the IEEE). To access a list of potential keywords, send an e-mail to and request the list. It will be returned to you on e-mail.

  5. Put the IMTC paper identifier on the upper right-hand corner of every document you submit.
All papers of four (4) or fewer pages in length are printed free of charge to the authors if accepted in the special issue on IMTC papers. If a paper exceeds this limit, it is considered to be overlength and is subject to a mandatory overlength charge of $192 per published page or fraction thereof over four (4) pages. If a paper is estimated to exceed the free-publication limit, the author has a choice either to pay the overlength page charge or to condense the paper such that its length falls within the free-publication limit. The author will be billed after publication for the printed pages over the free-publication limit.


Submission of papers to be considered for the Special Issue MUST be performed electronically to the Editorial Assistant, Mrs. Cam Ingelin, by 30 June 2004.


For all information concerning the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, contact:

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