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Telecom Egypt Network Operations Center (NOC)

November 26, 2003. Kanetzky & Associates, Inc. was commissioned as an independent 3rd party to audit the electrical systems of a $55M telecommunication nerve center for Telecom Egypt. KAI was charged with the task of documenting any and all discrepancies found with in the electrical systems not in compliance with US standards and codes.  KAI produced a 104 page detailed report, negotiated correction procedures, developed and implemented a detailed correction plan.  KAI and ELK Electric jointly completed all corrective actions to assist in bringing the construction phase of this project to closure.

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Client:             Hewlett-Packard Company Mr. Mick Cary - Program Director

General Dynamics Mr. Rod Broom, NOC Project Manager

USAID: Grant NO 263-0223


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