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Announcements and Events

April 26 Meeting, El Gallo, SCADA Systems

Join us on Tuesday, April 26, 6 PM for Mark Hunter's presentation on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Mark will provide an overview of distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) technologies, advantages, and disadvantages, hybrid control system architecture and differentiators. He will discuss system security both in the physical location, along with the control system network, and integration of legal mandates. Mark is with Invensys Process Systems

The meeting will be held in El Gallo Restaurant in South Austin, TX from 6-8:30 PM. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Roy Matthews, P.E.

Thursday, May 12, CTS 75th Anniversary Celebration

The Texas Section and Joint Chapters meeting will be a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Central Texas Chapter.  The meeting will be held in the Avaya Auditorium in the ACES Building on the University of Texas campus in Austin from 6 - 9 PM. Dr. Rodger Ziemer, IEEE Fellow and Region 5 Education Chairperson, will be our guest speaker and will present Continuing Education Opportunities.  Dr. Ziemer has served IEEE in many capacities and was a distinguished lecturer for the Communications Society from 2001 to 2004.  He is currently Region 5 Chair for Continuing Education. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information please see the announcement, the event Website or contact Sherry Gillespie.

Continuing Education

Certificates. Please pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the next meeting.

If you have questions about your certification for certification for the NEC seminar, please email Beckey Stallcup at

A big thank you to--Larry Serbousek, UPS Systems

On Tuesday, Larry Serbousek, PE, of Innovative Electrical Technology of Texas presented a super program on UPS Configurations and Electrical System Reliability. Larry surveyed the various configurations of medium capacity (223-750 kVA) systems including forward transfer, reverse transfer, isolated redundant, parallel redundant, wireless parallel, parallel "hot sync" redundant, distributed redundant, hot bus tie, and ring bus systems. Larry also discussed issues regarding redundancy and how to achieve higher reliability in this new environment.

We really appreciate Larry taking time from his difficult week to provide us with this presentation. Thank you.

2005 National Electric Code ® Changes--Thank you

A big thank you to James Stallcup, Sr., President of the Electrical Section of NFPA, Chairman of Code Making Panel 14, and principal member of several technical committees, for conducting the February seminar on the 2005 changes to the National Electric Code®. Here are a couple photos of the event.

Also a round of thank you applause to our sponsors, without whom this seminar would not have taken place.

  • Siemans Energy & Automaton, Inc.
  • Square D--A brand of Schneider Electric
  • 3 M Electrical Products
  • Toshiba
  • APC

Finally thank you to the over 100 participants who helped make this seminar a big success.


Wind Power Presentation Slides

Jules Campbell was kind enough to send us the slides for his and Walter Hornaday's fascinating presentations on wind power from February 2004.

Jules Campbell presentation
Walter Hornaday presentation


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