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Announcements and Events


Tuesday, August 23, Medium Voltage Drivers

Join us on Tuesday, August 23, for Tom Dittlinger's presentation on Medium Voltage Drivers. Tom's presentation will cover VFD installation and grounding for low voltage drives, VFD medium voltage and low voltage drive technologies now and in the future, and VFD harmonic issues and solutions.

Tom Dittlinger is the Senior Drives Area Manager from the Carrolton (Dallas) office of Rockwell Automation; he has 32 years experience with drives with Reliance, Allen Bradley and Rockwell Automation. The territory he is responsible for covers is most of Texas and Oklahoma. He holds a BS in EE, from University of Houston and has 32 years experience working with Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley, and Reliance Electric.

Please RSVP to Stacy Smith via email or phone, 512-232-6103, and see the meeting announcement for additional details.

Thursday, August 25, San Antonio Planning Meeting

Join us in San Antonio for a planning meeting to establish a new PES sub-chapter. Steve Kanetzky will present IEEE Region 5 Central Texas Section Power Engineering Society San Antonio Sub-Chapter, including IEEE procedures for setting up a sub-chapter, electing officers, meetings schedules, and meeting speakers. The presentation will be followed by open discussion.

Steve L. Kanetzky P.E. is the past Chairman for the Central Texas Section Power Engineering Society (PES) and current Region 5 Power Engineering Society Chapter Representative for IEEE.

Please see the meeting announcement for further details and directions or contact Steve at via email or phone, 512-326-3380 .

Continuing Education
Certificates. You may pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the meeting.

Many thanks to C. W. Clark

On Tuesday, July 26, C. W. Clark provided our annual ethics training. He discussed the Texas Professional Engineering Practice Act and rules concerning the practice of engineering and professional engineering licensure. Thank you CW for taking the time to be with us and answer our questions.

Presentation Slides

May, 2005, Critical Power Distribution System
Mike Filley presentation

April, 2005, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
Mark Hunter presentation)

February, 2004, Wind Power.
Jules Campbell presentation
Walter Hornaday presentation



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