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Announcements and Events


Tuesday, October 25, General Meeting -- Greg Hagopian Discusses Fuel Problems

Join us Tuesday, October 25, at El Gallo Restaurant on South Congress in Austin, for a presentation on Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance Standards as Defined by NFPA, by Gregory A. Hagopian. Greg is President of Fuel Technologies International, LLC. He has been a featured or guest speaker for such groups. and has authored several articles regarding stored diesel fuel stability for industry publications and is the editor of the FTI Technical Information Report published quarterly.

For more information please see the announcement.

Volunteers needed for Section Officer Positions for 2006-2007

IEEE Central Texas Section is looking for two volunteers to fill the Secretary and Treasurer officer positions for the 2006-07 term. PLEASE send in your nominations by Close of Business Friday, Oct 21 to John Purvis,  , phone: 512-823-7654, Cell: 512-638-1914.

Continuing Education
Certificates. You may pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the meeting.

Many thanks to Mike Noth

Our greatful thanks to Mike Noth, Senior Electrical Engineer in the Facilities Department of Samsung, for his outstanding presentation on Lightning and its effects on power systems. We all appreciate the well thought out, well organized, and very informative words on this important topic.


May, 2005, Critical Power Distribution System
Mike Filley presentation
(4.2 Mb PowerPoint File)

April, 2005, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
Mark Hunter presentation (0.5 Mb PowerPoint File)

October, 2004, Bridge Collapse Monitoring System (5.5 Mb PDF File)
James Mercier presentation background (The article is on pages 28-35.)

February, 2004, Wind Power.
Jules Campbell presentation (5.9 Mb PDF File)
Walter Hornaday presentation (0.3 Mb PDF File)



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