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Announcements and Events

Next Meeting, Tuesday, January 23, Transformers

Mark your calendars. Our first meeting in 2007 January meeting will include a presentation by Sunbelt Transformers about transformers. We will dine at the El Gallo Mexican Restaurant, 2910 S Congress in Austin beginning with a social time at 6 PM.

More information and a detailed announcement will be posted in early January.

A special thanks to Willie Korenak and Karolyn Puccio

A big thank you to Karolyn Puccio who arranged Alcoa Aluminum tour and to Willie Korenak our tour guide. Willie's knowledge and humor were instrumental in making tour informative and pleasant. We appreciate his taking his most of his Saturday to help understand how the Three Oaks and Sandow mines, the Sandow power plant, and the smelting plant operate.

Continuing Education
Certificates. You may pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the meeting.

PES eNews
The October issue of the PES eNews Update is now on line. Designed for quick reading, it's interesting and informative

Roy Matthews Receives IEEE Award

Photo of Roy Matthews and Miks Noth

Roy Matthews (left) receives an IEEE Appreciation Award on May 23, from Vice Chapter Chair Mike Noth, for service as Central Texas Power Society Chapter Chair for 2005-2006. We all appreciate Roy's hard work and dedication coordinating the PES Chapter's successful activities.


July, 2006, Power Factor and Power Factor Correction
Michael Hillhouse presentation (24.2 Mb PowerPoint File)

February, 2006, Uninterruptible Power Supplies,
Chuck Berry presentation
(2.4 Mb PowerPoint File)

January, 2006, Katolight Generator Sets and Applications
Mike Dauffenbach presentation (9.9 Mb PowerPoint File)

October, 2005, Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance Standards
Greg Hagopian presentation (0.5 Mb PowerPoint File)

May, 2005, Critical Power Distribution System
Mike Filley presentation
(4.2 Mb PowerPoint File)

April, 2005, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
Mark Hunter presentation (0.5 Mb PowerPoint File)

October, 2004, Bridge Collapse Monitoring System (5.5 Mb PDF File)
James Mercier presentation background (The article is on pages 28-35.)

February, 2004, Wind Power.
Jules Campbell presentation (5.9 Mb PDF File)
Walter Hornaday presentation (0.3 Mb PDF File)

Analog Newsletter

Some attendees of our meetings have not been receiving their electronic copy of the IEEE Central Texas Section Newsletter, The Analog. If you are an IEEE member, your subscription is automatic to your profile on record at IEEE. IF you are not a member, you may subscribe. Details are provided at the Analog Webpage.

Be advised that there is NOT a lot of traffic on this list intentionally.  The list manager tries to keep it below 3 emails a month - The Analog, the mid-month reminder, and maybe an emergency announcement, but we prefer 2 emails a month.

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