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Announcements and Events

November's Program is Tuesday December 2, 2008

Through the courtesy of Active Power, Inc., the Austin Power and Energy Society has planned a Barbecue, presentation, and tour of the Active Power manufacturing facility in north Austin. David Perkins, Chief technology officer ,and Jim Andrews, will be learning about Active Power's flywheel energy system and how it can provide more efficient, more reliable, more cost effective and more "green" power. The level of detail depends on the desires of the members who participate.

Active Power has invited spouses, teenage children, college students, and significant others. Dress will be casual, like blue jeans, and comfortable closed toe shoes are suggested since we will be walking in a manufacturing area. Safety shoes and hard hats will not be required on this tour.

The meeting will begin at 6 PM, Tuesday, Dec 2 at the Active Power facility. If you plan to attend, please notify Mike Noth as soon as you can (ideally by November 24) so that sufficient Barbecue can be ordered. See the announcement for more information about the evening and directions to the facility.

Links are mailto:
Active power:
See Announcement for more information

New Officers for 2009
Walter May, Chairman of the Nomination and Election committee announces that the following officers were duly elected to the IEEE, Central Texas Section, Power and Energy Society Austin, Chapter Committee for 2009. Photos are available on the officers Webpage.
- Chairman, Rheuben Hair
- Vice Chairman, Bobby Spear
- Treasurer, Don Drumtra
- Webmaster, Catalina Martinez
- Member-at-Large, Andrew Bluiett
They will join the past chairs who to form our 2009 Chapter Committee. Please congratulate them for their election and thank them for volunteering. Please also thank Walter for chairing the committee and conducting the election.
There were no candidates for Secretary so if you are interested in participating in the leadership of the Chapter, please contact Rheuben Hair at Mike Noth has agreed to act as Secretary until someone volunteers. Thank you Mike.

Programs Needed for 2009
Programs are needed for 2009. If you have a topic you would like presented, know of a good presenter, or would like to present a program yourself, please contact Rheuben Hair or Bobby Speer.

Our Thanks to David Costello, Senior Application Engineer
Many Thanks to David Costello, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
A big thank you to David Costello for his excellent presentation on the topic of root causes of a class of power outages caused by line protection equipment. He enlightened us on the difference between distance and fault identification algorithms, demonstrated methodical analysis techniques, and proposed solutions to reducing unnecessary power outages. We appreciate the technical level of the presentation and David's clear responses to our many questions.

Continuing Education Certificates
You may pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the meeting.

Analog Newsletter

The electronic Central Texas Section newsletter, The Analog, provides news of many of the other IEEE activities in the Austin and San Antonio areas. If you are an IEEE Central Texas Section member, your subscription is provided automatically to the email address in your IEEE profile. If you are not a member, you may subscribe following the procedures provided at the Analog Webpage.

Be advised that there is not a lot of traffic on this list intentionally.  The list manager tries to keep it below 3 emails a month - The Analog, the mid-month reminder, and maybe an emergency announcement, but we prefer 2 emails a month.

Updated 2008 November 23 by Catalina Martinez

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