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July Meeting - System Reliability pertaining to Austin Energy

Danny EE, P.E. received his Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He has a wide range of working experience covering refinery electrical and instrumentation engineering; electrical utility substation design and engineering; telecom fiber optic long haul transmission and metro network design, simulation and planning; substation relay design; and reliability and power quality engineering. Danny is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and Oklahoma and is a member of IEEE. He is currently a Power System Engineer Sr. in the Reliability and Power Quality Engineering workgroup at Austin Energy.

Danny will talk about system reliability to Austin Energy. He'll cover goals and objective for the transmission system, mitigation programs and updates, and the improvements in performance of the transmission system.

The meeting will take place at El Gallo restaurant July 28 beginning at 6 PM.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend. To RSVP of for further information, please contact Mike Noth at

See the meeting announcement for directions and a map to the restaurant, menu options, and other information on the program.

Thank you Joe Redfield
A big thank you to Joe Redfield of Southwestern Research Institute for his informative presentation on the technology of electric vehicles and the changes needed in the network to support plug-in versions. His topic drew a recent attendance record and time ran out before support plug-in versions. His topic drew a recent attendance record and time ran out before all our questions could be answered. But the answer to his title questions " Transportation Energy from the Grid - Is it Real? was an obvious yes. We appreciate Joe taking the time to help us learn the technology behind the hype.

Continuing Education Certificates
You may pick up your CE certificates for IEEE meetings at the meeting.

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