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As a service to our members, the Dallas Chapter of the Power & Energy Society offers to post job announcements for employers in the central Texas area. We will post your announcements for vacant power engineer job openings on this Webpage for six months. Send your announcement Mark A. Fisher, P. E., Chapter Chairman,, for his review and forwarding to our Webmaster for posting.

Job Postings

Bury & Partners is hiring! Please see the opportunities section of their website here for more information on positions available in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. You can also talk to IEEE Officer Stacy Carr after one of our meetings.



Current Engineering Students

Students. The IEEE Power & Energy Society is providing a new online service for  students interested in power careers, and for their future employers. PES-Careers ( is customized for power engineering students to help them find jobs and internships. Employers will find that the service both promotes and enhances their own online career services. PES-Careers is easy to use, flexible, efficient, targeted, and, at no cost to the user, a real value.
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