2003 General Power Meeting

IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

Tuesday, July 22, 2003, Toronto, Ont. Canada http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/dsacom/                         


 S, Carneiro, M. Vaziri, I. Dromey, J. Jardini, R. Hoffman, J. Fan, J. Martinez, K. Nara, R. Dugan, S. Widergren, N.D.R Sarma, K. Butler-Purry, K. Miu


The minutes from the Chicago meeting were approved.

1. Discussion of Officer Changes

Karen Butler-Purry was nominated and elected as Secretary for the DSA SC. She replaces Hari Singh.

Her nomination will be submitted for approval to PSACE AdCom.

2. AdCom summary of changes:

a.        Electronic processing of all conference papers

b.       PEM – Power & Energy Magazine

c.        Letters will go to Transactions

Also Roger Dugan is now handling Transaction Paper Reviews for DSA SC.


3. Coordination with T&D Working Groups and Tasks Forces

Rough outlines of general issues and activities for other related working groups and tasks forces were discussed.

T&D - Operational & applied issues

PSACE – DSA & integration of equipment models into system analysis tools

DG Integration WG – R. Walling

Putting together WG conference paper for GM’03 (Toronto)

T&D Subcommittees/WG/TF will probably meet in Las Vegas



Several topics were discussed in general and considered for GM 2004 Proposed Activities (please see below.)

M. Vaziri expressed interest in the analysis of 4-wire distribution systems. Should we model earth wires?

K. Nara introduced FRIENDS for distribution system analysis tools as something which may be of interest to the DSA SC.

DC Electrification, linking distribution systems through DC links.

Task Force for service restoration & fault detection?

The creation of a flyer to promote DSA activities and the website was discussed.

Coordination between PSCE (the PICA replacement) for Oct. 2004 and the 2004 General meeting was discussed.  The possibility of holding SC meetings at both meetings was tabled because it is anticipated that not everyone can go to both (closeness in dates and possible travel curtailment.)

Some discussion also involved the difference between DSA SC meeting attendance vs. membership. A survey or list for people who would be willing to actively participate (organizing paper and panel sessions, reviewing,etc.)

Task Force on Feeder Level Modeling of Distributed Generation

Dugan is the TF Chair. There is still a need for more members are needed for this TF; however, he has been working closely with other working groups.  Goal: a one page summary clearly stating the goal of the TF to avoid overlap with several other TF and Working Group activities in other Technical Committees

General Meeting 2003 – Proposed Activities

In addition to paper sessions, several panel session were proposed for consideration:

1.        Analytical Tools to Solve Practical Problems

2.        Review of Current Practices for Service Restoration (joint panel with Distribution Automation?)