2004 General Power Meeting

IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

Tuesday, June 8, 2004, Denver, CO USA http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/dsacom/


Sando Carneiro, Hiroyuki Mori, Bill Kersting, N.D.R Sarma, Noel Schulz, Alberto Gutemez, Luis Naredo, S. Widergren, Gerald Heydt, K. Miu


The minutes from the Toronto meeting were approved.

1. Discussion of Officer Changes

Karen Butler-Purry was approved by PSACE AdCom in 2003 as Secretary.


2. AdCom Summary

a.        DSA SC meeting time is now before AdCom. Therefore, issues addressed must be announced later by other means (email)

Roger Dugan is still handling Transaction Paper Reviews for DSA SC.


3. Coordination with T&D Working Groups and Tasks Forces

No report was made this meeting.

Remarks below follow from last time:

T&D - Operational & applied issues

PSACE DSA & integration of equipment models into system analysis tools

DG Integration WG

T&D Subcommittees/WG/TF met in Las Vegas (Feb. 2004)



  1. Membership
    1. We need to attract active members. Currently have 30 people in our directory, but they have not been attending meetings and, in some cases, assisting with reviews.
    2. Emails were sent to the membership list; however, many bounced back (possibly invalid emails or overactive spam filters). Action: Contact Karen Butler-Purry and Roger Dugan to attempt to identify members.
    3. We need to define what it means to be a member?

                                                               i.      Travel costs are becoming prohibitive and our members may not be able to afford to attend meetings.

                                                              ii.      Contributions as reviewers greatly assist the SC, thus active reviewers should still be members even though meeting attendance is not consistent.

                                                            iii.      IEEE is beginning to facilitate conference calls & web meetings. Should we attempt this meeting vehicle

  1. Conference Paper Reviews
    1. PSACE chair had sent standards for the meetings.
    2. There is a concern that since all conference papers are also available online, the perceived quality of Transaction Papers may be impacted by less stringent reviews for conference papers (as readers online may not notice whether they are reading a journal or conference paper)
    3. 1 month on reviews is very challenging to meet.
    4. Sando will raise this issue at AdCom.
  2. Panel Sessions
    1. At T&D 2003 in Dallas approximately 30 to 40 people attended each panel.

                                                               i.      We repeated one here (Wed. AM)

                                                              ii.      We attempted to repeat another at PSCE however mix-ups in arrangement caused the panel to be unselected by PSCE. Gerald Heydt explained that the panel deadlines are rigorously upheld and that 18 panels were proposed and there was only room for 16 panels. Of the 16 that were accepted, 2 panels were canceled and 2 paper sessions were inserted to replace the panels.

                                                            iii.      Panel reviews a discussion concerning the care taken in panel reviews was raised. Required cohesion for the 5 talks usually leads panel chairs to perform more careful and consistent reviews to all summaries.

  1. PSCE/T&D DSA Subcommittee meeting schedules.
    1. John Persoba (PSCE), Maria Proetto (PES) and Edwin Liu (PSACE) should be contacted to arrange for a DSA subcommittee meeting in October in NYC for PSCE.
    2. G. Heydt Hotel space is limited, but a small group may be OK.
  2. Other issues Look ahead to DC Distribution Issues, interconnection issues with converters, etc.

Task Force on Feeder Level Modeling of Distributed Generation

Dugan is the TF Chair. There is still a need for more members are needed for this TF; however, he has been working closely with other working groups. Goal: a one page summary clearly stating the goal of the TF to avoid overlap with several other TF and Working Group activities in other Technical Committees (from 2003)

Proposed Activities General Meeting 2005 and T&D 2005

In addition to paper sessions, several panel session were proposed for consideration:

1.        GM2005 Panel: Models and Analytical Tools for DSA this was the panel that was turned down at PSCE. Original Chair S. Carneiro. Unfortunately, B. Kersting does not plan to attend. We need to re-confirm original participants and invite another.

2.        GM2005 Panel: Review of Current Practices for Service Restoration (joint panel with Distribution Automation?) Co-chairs: N.D.R. Sarma & N. Schulz

3.        TD2005 Panel: DER Impact on Distribution System Analysis. Co-chairs: S. Widergren and N. Schulz