2005 General Meeting

IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

Tuesday, June14, 2005, San Francisco, CA USA http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/dsacom/


Sando Carneiro, Bill Kersting, Karen Miu, N.D.R. Sarma, Steve Widergren, Karen Butler-Purry, Antonio Gomez-Exposito, Sukumar Brahma, Roger Dugan, Michael Kleinberg, Xiaoguang Yang, Matt Marotti


1. The minutes from the 2004 PSCE meeting were approved.


2. TCPC Report on Meetings Schedule

Sando served as the PSACE TCPC for GM04. He reported on the number of papers submitted and accepted. Also he commented on the short time period that was available for reviewing papers.

Distribution Analytical Models Working Group

Roger presented the scopes for the new task forces under this working group.

  • DSA Subcommittee
    • Distribution Analytical Models Working Group (Roger Dugan or Tim McDermott chair)
      • Radial Test Feeders Task Force (Bill Kersting chair)
      • Distribution Systems Analytical Data Dictionary Task Force (chair open)
      • DG Modeling Task Force (Karen B-Purry chair)


Power System Analysis, Computing, and Economics Committee

Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

Distribution System Analytical Data WG

Distribution System Analytical Data Dictionary TF

Radial Test Feeders TF


IEEE Working Group on Distribution Analytical Models


Investigate and evaluate data models, benchmarks for distribution system analysis tools, and means of transfer of data used in distribution system analysis. Sponsor and promote technical papers, technical sessions and other means for the effective dissemination of information related to Working Group activities. Promote guidelines and recommended practices for data models, data definitions, transfer standards, and test benchmarks for distribution system analytical data.


IEEE Task Force on Distribution System Analytical Data Dictionary


The effort mirrors the work already done by the Power Systems Analytical

Data (PSAD) Working Group. However, the emphasis of this Task Force will focus on data commonly used to describe distribution systems rather than bulk power transmission systems.


The TF takes a two-pronged approach to the problem.

1. Development of a data dictionary to define the standard terms.

2. Definition of a text file format for the transfer of data using the standard terms.



IEEE Task Force on Radial Test Feeders


Develop and maintain a suite of industry standard benchmark test cases for radial distribution feeders. Sponsor and promote dissemination of the test cases through technical papers, technical sessions, and the internet. The Task Force maintains a website that provides worldwide access to the test cases.



Roger recommended that Tim be asked to chair the WG.

Also Sando solicited volunteers to chair the Data Dictionary TF. Interested persons were asked to email Sando.


Radial Test Feeder TF

Bill and Roger are going to look through their files for short circuit data for the test feeders and then put the data on the website.


DG Modeling TF

It was suggested that this TF begin by identifying PES groups that have DG or DER in their scope somehow, for possible collaborations. Karen Butler-Purry was requested to attend the Distributed Resources: Modeling and Analysis Working Group Meeting was being held at 4 pm.

General Meeting 2005 Report on Panel and Paper Sessions

2 panel and no paper sessions are being sponsored by the DSA SC at this meeting.


Advanced Models for Distribution Systems Analysis. Chair: Karen Miu. Tuesday Morning

Advanced Applications in Distribution Reconfiguration. Co-Chairs: Noel Schulz and NDR Sarma. Thursday Morning

General Meeting 2006 and PSCE 2006 Proposed Activities

Two panels were proposed for GM06.

1.        Test Feeder benchmark including large induction machines. Karen Butler-Purry volunteered to chair

2.        Repeat panel on Advanced Models for Distribution Systems Analysis. Antonio may participate to bring a perspective on Spanish systems. Sando volunteered to chair if Karen Miu does not want to repeat as chair.

At least one panel will be held at PSCE 2006. Tentatively the group proposed repeating the Test Feeder panel being held at GM06.

T&D 2005 Panels

1.        DER Impact on Distribution Systems Analysis. Co-chairs: S. Widergren and N. Schulz

2.        Induction Machine Modeling for Distribution System Analysis. Chair: Roger Dugan

General Discussions

1.        Antonio posed the question, should we begin to pursue DC distribution network analysis efforts? There was much discussion on various applications that now include DC aspects in its system.

2.        Sukumar Brahma volunteered to serve as secretary when officers are rotated on December 31, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm


Prepared by Karen Butler-Purry