Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2008


IEEE Distribution Analysis Subcommittee

Tuesday, June 22, 2008, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.




Mesut Baran, Sukumar Brahma, Sandoval Carneiro Jr., Roger Dugan, Kevin Jones, Tom McDermott, Karen Miu, NDR Sarma, Kevin Schneider, Steve Widergren.


1.      Meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. Attendees introduced themselves.

2.      Minutes of the PES GM 2007 meeting were unanimously approved.

3.      After the officer-rotation at the end of this meeting, the office-holders up to the end of GM 2010 are:

  • Tom McDermott Chair
  • Sukumar Brahma Vice Chair
  • Kevin Schneider - Secretary

4.      Discussion:

a.                   PSACE Committee discussions for GM 2007:

i.        The number and quality of the papers accepted by PSCACE were flagged as concern. PSCACE is trying to improve the quality by modifying the review process. The Technical Committee Advisory Board (TCAB) commented to PSCACE that the number of papers in the Posters Session for this meeting was too large.

ii.      PSACE subcommittee chairs will serve as Technical Program Co-chairs.

b)      Subcommittee Report on 2007-2008 Activities (T&D 2008, GM 2008):

i.        Panel session on Distribution Test Feeder Solutions was organized by Roger Dugan at T&D 2008. It was well-attended.

ii.      Panel session on Stray Voltage Analysis Techniques was organized by Tom McDermott at GM 2009.

iii.    Panel session on Trends in Distribution System Analysis and Design was organized by N D R Sarma at GM 2009. It was well-attended.

c)      Liaisons to other PES subcommittees/WG/TF with interest in Distribution:

         DSA will meet at PSCE in Seattle.

         DSA will liaison with Distribution Automation WG.

         Kevin Jones will liaison with Bob Saint of NRECA (involved with P1547 Work Group) in regard to the guide to Conduct Distribution Impact Studies for Interconnection of Distributed Resources.

d)     Reviewer List and Subcommittee Membership:

         All the attendees to the DSA meetings become potential reviewers.

e)      Other Issues

         Sando commented that the PSACE papers for this meeting did not go through to the Best Paper Contest.


1.      The following panels were suggested for 2009:

         PSCE 2009: Trends in Distribution System Analysis and Design Chair: Tom McDermott, Kevin Schneider will help.

         GM 2009: Distribution Feeder Modeling Chair: Kevin Schneider.

         GM 2009: Distribution System Analysis for Operations Chair: Karen Miu.



Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.


Prepared by Sukumar Brahma