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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

  • Chairperson: Sarika Khushalani-Solanki, West Virginia University
  • Vice Chairperson: Jason Fuller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Secretary: Barry Mather, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Past Chair: Greg Shirek, Milsoft Utility Solutions
  • Awards: Kevin Schneider, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This subcommittee is a part of the Power System Analysis, Computing, and Economics Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society. The SCOPE of the subcommittee is to

  1. Investigate the development and application of analytical methodologies and computational techniques for solving, analysis, computing, application, and management of distribution system problems.
  2. Sponsor and promote technical papers, technical sessions, and workshops for effective dissemination of technical knowledge related to the subcommittee activities.
  3. Coordinate such activities where appropriate with other IEEE committees and subcommittees.

The subcommittee's intent is to focus on the following topics.


  • Computational methods
  • Algorithm development
  • System modeling and analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Applications
  • Control methods
  • Design tools
  • Test systems
  • Data storage and recovery


  • Application of intelligent techniques
  • Power quality and harmonic propagation
  • Protection methods

Working Groups and Task Forces

Distribution Test Feeder Working Group
Contact: Jason Fuller

Working Group on Distribution System State Estimations: Practical challenges, limitation of current tools and way forward
Contact: Bikash Pal
  • WG meetings 2014
  • WG meetings 2015

  • P1729 Recommended Practices for Electric Power Distribution System Analysis (completed)
    Contact: Thomas McDermott

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