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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


2001 Summer Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

July 17, 2001

Vancouver, British Columbia


16 members and guests signed in - Abur, Baran, Butler, Carneiro, Falcao, Fukuyama, Jones, Julian, Lee, McDermott, Miu, Mori, Pereira, Schulz, Spare, Yazdi


The minutes from Columbus were approved. Carneiro questioned whether we should "leave device modeling to others". Baran pointed out that current subcommittee members are not involved in model development and testing, so the direction should reflect member interests.

Pahwa stepped down as vice chair, to assume chairmanship of another SC. The SC approved McDermott as the new vice chair and Carneiro as the new secretary.

Baran said the backlog of paper reviews has been cleared; only two remain in our hands. Carneiro said the response time has improved since the last meeting in Columbus. Baran is not satisfied that the process has been completely fixed. Papers are not always routed to the most appropriate SC. This is partly the author’s responsibility, but the SC chairs should also know when a paper should be sent to another PES entity for a better review. Baran thinks we should be reviewing some of the papers that go to the Distribution Subcommittee.

Baran wanted to acknowledge Kersting’s outstanding service as the Radial Test Feeders TF chair. Kersting was chairing a panel session this afternoon and could not attend the SC meeting.

Radial Test Feeders

This TF has been disbanded, but we should still explore the possibility of a CAPS article to promote use of the test feeders in papers and for vendor benchmarking.

Data Dictionary

Dugan was not present and no report was given. Schulz mentioned one of her students attended a Multispeak meeting.

TF on Feeder-level Modeling of DG

The WG approved a new task force with the following scope:

Investigate methods and prepare a paper describing the impact of DG on feeder-level methods for the analysis of power flow, fault, reliability, and overcurrent protection system response. Assess the use of transmission system stability methods and models on distribution systems with DG. Define the data requirements for DG models in feeder analysis. Identify conditions where more detailed (eg., time-domain simulation) methods must be used for analyzing feeders with DG. The task force will consider distributed storage devices along with distributed generation.

McDermott is the TF chair. We need to coordinate with a WG under the Distribution Subcommittee of T&D, focusing on system impacts of DG. We also need to coordinate with a WG under the General Systems Subcommittee of T&D, focusing on device models especially with EMTP.

Intelligent System Applications Subcommittee Update

As liaison, Butler reported that a TF of this SC will sponsor a panel session at the 2002 WPM on “Fundamental Concepts of Intelligent System Applications to Distribution Services”. They are also preparing a review paper on the same topic. Butler is the panel session chair.

Panel Sessions

The subcommittee will sponsor a panel session at the 2002 Winter Power Meeting in New York, on the topic "Fault Detection, Analysis, and Restoration (FDR)", to be coordinated by Schulz. Presenters include Schulz (use of outage management system), Miu (short-circuit modeling), Jones (Web link between SCADA and analysis), and Butler (shipboard restoration). This should be scheduled for Wednesday morning, or Monday afternoon.

There will be a panel of 6 vendor presenters at the T&D show, covering software tools for distribution reliability and restoration analysis.

Future Directions

Baran reiterated the tutorial on distribution analysis guidelines as a long-term goal. He asked WG members to send him contributions or suggestions, as a prod to have an outline ready to discuss at the 2002 WPM. Jones offered to send material.

PSACE Committee Update

The proposed merger with PSPO is on hold, and the two committees did not meet jointly in Vancouver.

Distribution Subcommittee Update

The WG on DR Integration had 37 attending Tuesday's meeting. They plan to develop a "laundry list" of interconnection issues at WPM 2002, and present a review paper on this at a SPM 2002 panel session, with followup presenters on specific issues. They will address DR "out on the feeder", including both radial and network systems. There is no TF breakdown at this time. Chair is Reigh Walling, Vice Chair is Charles Perry of EPRI-PEAC.

John Redmon said the Lifelong Learning committee plans to record and sell all future tutorials. Presenters may have to sign away these rights in exchange for an honorarium, perhaps $500 split N ways. This might be a consideration in planning future tutorials.

Dan Sabin (DSC review coordinator) was advised outside the meeting that he could re-route analytical papers to DSASC for review. Of course, the whole procedure may be changing anyway.

General Systems Subcommittee Update

The WG on DR Modeling and Analysis has two TFs, one for DR interfaced via power electronics and the other for "conventional" (synchronous machine) DR. The respective TF chairs are Reza Irivani and Tom Key. Each TF is still developing a scope. Apparently these will be broken down by modeling regime - steady state, small signal, large signal, and electromagnetic transients.

Minutes prepared by
Tom McDermott
July 18, 2001
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