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1996 Summer Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

  • Chairperson: Dr. Mesut Baran, North Carolina State University
  • Vice Chairperson: Dr. Edwin Liu, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Secretary: Dr. Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University

Minutes of Summer 96 Meeting, July 31, 1996 Denver,CO


Enrique Acha, Mesut Baran, Leonard Bohmann, Vesna Borozan, Daniel Brooks, Reuben Burch, Ernst Camm, William R. Cassel, Ricardo Chan, Hector Charytoniuk, Hsiao-Dong Chiang, Mo-Yuen Chow, Rich Christie, Roger Dugan, Mark Haplin, Roy Hoffman, Chuck Jensen, Bill Kersting, Edwin Liu, Chan-Nan Lu, Juan A. Martinez, Sakis Meliopoulos, Steve Miller, Om Nayak, Robin Podmore, Anil Pahwa, Jim Sanborn, Noel N. Schulz, Rubin Taleski, Fan Zhang, Hector Valtierra, Randy Wachal

Chairman Mesut Baran reiterated the scope of the subcommittee and urged members to interact with other people from industry and academia to attract more members to this subcommittee. He pointed out that we should be careful of this subcommittee's overlap with other committees. The idea is not to compete with other committees but to cooperate with other committees. This was followed by introductions and the floor was opened for discussion on the scope of the subcommittee. The main topic of discussion was analysis vs application. The membership felt that main intent of this committee is analysis and not application. Therefore, such a subcommittee is viable because there is no other forum to address analysis applied to distribution systems. It was decided to include data storage and recovery into the core focus.

The discussion then moved to panel sessions. Mesut Baran listed three possible topics: Current Problems, Software Application Packages, and Data Models. Bill Kersting suggested that we should find out what industry is doing through a panel session. Following this suggestion the committee unanimously approved Current DSA Practices and the topic of a panel session for the Winter 97 meeting. It was also decided to have only one panel session.

A need for working groups or task force was discussed. It was decided that we should wait for such an action till the issues emerge.

Distribution of information related to the subcommittee was discussed. E-mail and internet were proposed as the means of dissemination of information. Anil Pahwa volunteered to prepare a hompage for the subcommittee. After the homepage is completed we should publicize its location.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes recorded by
Anil Pahwa
December 9, 1996

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