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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


1998 Summer Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

  • Chairperson: Dr. Mesut Baran, North Carolina State University
  • Secretary: Dr. Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University

Minutes of Summer 98 Meeting, July 14, San Diego, CA


Ali Abur, Mesut Baran, Karen Butler, Gary Casey, Mehmet Kemal Celik, Rich Christie, Roger Dugan, Jennifer Grimsley, Ron Herman, Preben Jorgensen, Bill Kersting, Kwang Y. Lee, John McDaniel, Tom McDermott, Steve Miller, Hiroyuki Mori, Om Nayak, Thanh Nguyen, Anil Pahwa, Vic Romers, Ilya Royteman, Noel N. Schulz, Steve Tyler, Hector Valtierra, Randy Wachal, Jun Zhu

Chairman Baran welcomed all the attendees which was followed by introductions.

A membership list was circulated to record attendance and to make changes. Also, it was announced that DSA subcommittee has a web page which can be accessed from the IEEE PES web page.

Minutes of the Winter 98 meeting were approved.


Baran asked members to provide suggestions regarding panel sessions and other activities, such as tutorials. Available software products was suggested as a topic for panel session. This will include presentations by software vendors based on analysis of test feeders. The analysis could include power flow, fault calculations, reliability, transients, and harmonics. Probabilistic methods and distribution system analysis methods were also suggested as topics for a panel session. McDermott agreed to organize a panel session on distribution system analysis methods.


Kersting made a short presentation on his previous paper on test feeders. He mentioned that the main purpose of the test feeders has been for load flow and fault calculations. He outlined some of the shortcomings of the existing test feeders as well as proposed changes. Proposed changes include rounding-off loads to integer values, expansion of system to include additional switches and ties to adjacent feeders, modification of transformer models, and modification of regulator model. Other items for possible inclusion are dispersed generation, secondary systems, and load allocation. He asked members for suggestions.

Christie mentioned that standard distribution reliability systems have information on protection systems. Therefore, it will be useful to include data on protection devices to allow reliability calculations.

Zhu said that results should be included for bench marking. Further, he wanted inclusion of GIS data to create the original system. He also expressed an interest in inclusion of protective device data.

Baran suggested that models should be provided with the results because component models are not standardized.

Hermann mentioned that loads are not static but have stochastic characteristics. He also said that assumptions for removal of neutral wire should be defined.

Zhu mentioned that in some applications multiple feeders are needed instead of single feeders.

This was followed by some more discussions. It was felt that load modeling is a complex issue and is a separate topic by itself. This could be addressed in a future panel. Also, it was suggested that issues for modeling components could be addressed in a panel.

Kersting said that he will work on the test feeders and provide information to the members.


Stephen S. Miller made a presentation on Data Dictionary

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by
Anil Pahwa
January 6, 1999

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