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1999 Summer Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

Minutes of meeting held during Summer Power Meeting at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

July 20, 1999

Attendees: Mesut Baran, Sandoval Carneiro Jr., Roy Hoffman, Tom McDermott, Laurie Oppel, Anil Pahwa, Jose Luiz R. Pereira, Marek Reformat, Ignacio J. Ramirez-Rosado, Mohammad Vaziri, Cheri Warren, Greg Welch.

1. The members in presence introduced themselves.

2. Minutes of the subcommittee meeting held in New York on February 2, 1999 during the Winter Power Meeting were approved.

3. Baran thanked members for attending the meeting. He mentioned that majority of the members of the subcommittee are university professors. He asked the members to actively recruit members from industry and also asked members from industry to get involved in the subcommittee activities.

4. Baran mentioned that Pahwa would be the new Vice Chair of the committee; therefore, a new Secretary is needed. McDermott volunteered to be the Secretary. Since nobody else expressed an interest in this position, Baran appointed McDermott as the Secretary of the subcommittee.

5. Baran asked the members for a show of hands if they were expecting to attend the Winter Power Meeting in Singapore. In response only a few of the members present raised their hand. Therefore, it was decided not to hold a subcommittee meeting in Singapore. Baran mentioned that the next meeting would be held in Seattle.

6. Panels:

Baran said that a slot for a panel session has been allotted to the subcommittee for the Winter Meeting in Singapore and suggested distribution power flow analysis as a possible topic. Luis and Sandoval agreed to coordinate the panel. Baran said that he will suggest names of the panelists and he will also send email to members to identify panelists. Sandoval suggested combining subcommittee with panel session in the future to attract more attendees. No specific action was taken regarding this suggestion.

Baran asked for suggestion of topics for a panel session at the Summer Power Meeting in Seattle. Oppel agreed to coordinate a panel on the analysis of distributed generation. McDermott agreed to coordinate a panel on power quality analysis.

Hoffman suggested a panel on standardization activities for distribution management systems. The panel could include presentation on object-oriented approach and common information model (CIM) for distribution systems. The members agreed that this was an important issue and will require coordination with some working groups. Dugan said that Data Dictionary Working Group sent a questionnaire to some vendors. Some vendors have responded and a draft report would be ready by winter 2001 meeting. The questionnaire deals with data definitions for distribution system analysis in a standard way. Dugan mentioned that he or McDermott could be contacted for additional information. After some discussion CIM applications for distribution systems was decided as the topic of the panel. Hoffman agreed to coordinate the panel.

Baran asked for topics for future consideration. Distributed generation, application of FACTS devices, analysis for power quality mitigation, reliability and planning, economic analysis tools for the new market, sensitivity of customer load to price, and analysis of mixed (looped and radial) system were suggested as topics by the members. Pahwa said that for some of these topics coordination with other subcommittees would be needed because they may already be working on them. Hoffman suggested repeating the panel on distribution power flow analysis at the Winter Meeting at New York in 2001.

7. Test Feeders:

Baran asked the members to analyze the test systems and to provide feedback to Kersting. Kersting would like the paper to be ready by Summer 2000.

8. Posters:

Sandoval said that poster sessions donít attract enough audience and the papers in a session are on a very diverse range of topics. He suggested having the relevant posters as part of the subcommittee meeting. In response Baran said that the paper coordination at the IEEE is not very good and he took a part of the blame on himself.

Dugan mentioned that Data Dictionary Working Group usually has a presentation within its meeting.

9. Other Business:

Intelligent Systems Task Force has been approved and will meet for the first time at the Winter Power Meeting in Singapore in 2000.

Meeting Adjourned

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