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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


2001 Winter Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

January 31, 2001

Columbus, Ohio


22 members and guests signed in - Tom Baldwin, Mesut Baran, Vesna Borozan, Sandoval Carneiro, Roger Dugan, Antonio Exposito, Jiyuan Fan, Xiaoming Feng, Yoshikazu Fukuyama, Roy Hoffman, Kevin Jones, Bill Kersting, Tom McDermott, Karen Miu, Hiroyuki Mori, Scott Neumann, Anil Pahwa, Sebastian Rios, Noel Schulz, Kovrosh Sedghisigarohi, John Spare, Mohammad Yazdi

Introduction and Paper Reviews

Baran opened the meeting with introductions and approval of the minutes from Seattle. He needs more help with paper reviews, and asked members to let him know specific technical areas of interest for reviews. He gets about 3-4 papers per month, each of them sent to 5 reviewers; it’s a significant weekend effort to coordinate that process and select the right reviewers.

Carniero said the paper review process can take more than 2 years, with no response from IEEE on status inquiries. Baran said much of the holdup is at IEEE HQ, particularly if there is any trouble at all with conversion to PDF. He said authors should make sure the latest Web-posted guidelines have been followed to avoid delays. Pahwa said IEEE was trying to clean up the backlog and has been doing better lately. Schulz advised checking with the specific Transactions editor for status.

Radial Test Feeders

Kersting briefly described the test feeders, which have been posted on the Web site with solutions from his program. Please run them and let him know about any errors. More details will be presented at the panel session Wednesday afternoon. Jones will attempt solutions in the Synergee software, Hoffman and Neumann will attempt to model the feeders in CIM. The work of the task force is basically done. A CAPS article should be written to promote use of the test feeders in papers and for vendor benchmarking.

Data Dictionary

Dugan reported that one of Schulz’s undergraduate students entered three vendor data formats into a spreadsheet. Jones will inquire about use of the Synergee data model. The goal is to come up with an IEEE dictionary leading forward to XML data transfer. He has 5 or 6 vendor data formats; more work is needed to get the information in shape. Other efforts like EPRI CIM are moving faster, but may have too much transmission focus. Neumann noted that IEC, CIM, and Multispeak face aggressive deadlines, but many of those involved are willing to make ongoing revisions to accommodate distribution system data. He will try to implement the radial test feeders in CIM to identify possible extensions in CIM. He also asked for people to help with IEC changes for distribution system support.

Future Directions

There was general discussion throughout the meeting about the subcommittee’s focus, and what should be done next. Baran stated that our focus should be on feeder-level analysis, leaving device modeling to other groups. The subcommittee’s focus could be subdivided into analysis methods like power flow, fault, and reliability as building blocks, and applications like planning and design. Some analysis papers show up in sessions sponsored by the Distribution or General Systems Subcommittees of T&D, but this overlap is just a fact of life. McDermott will attend the Distribution Subcommittee meeting on Wednesday, and try to learn the scope of DG modeling task forces under the T&D committee. We need to avoid duplicate efforts in areas like DG.

Another effort will be to develop a Distribution System Analysis Application Guide, partly as a follow-on to the test feeder update. Kersting wrote one chapter like this for the Distribution Planning tutorial several years ago, but most of the tutorial was on planning aspects and it’s now out of print. The process can take several years and a lot of work. Several people offered to help with writing, and Baran took their names. Baran will start by developing an outline via email for discussion at the Summer Power Meeting. The next step could then be a special technical session at the 2002 WPM, followed by either an IEEE tutorial publication or an IEEE Standard Guide. Hoffman suggested a Web-based FAQ as another means of getting the material to a wide audience.

Panel Sessions

The subcommittee will sponsor a panel session at the Summer Power Meeting in Vancouver, on the topic "Challenges in Distribution System Analysis", to be coordinated by Miu. Possible topics include load forecasting, DG analysis, reliability index computation, optimization, and feeder or load estimation (which needs to be defined as something different than classical state estimation with redundant measurements). Fault detection, analysis, and restoration (FDR) is another possible topic. Again, the emphasis should be on feeder-level analysis and applications.

Dugan and McDermott will organize a repeat of the vendors panel session for the T&D conference. The focus is still to be determined.

PSACE Committee Update

McDermott attended this meeting for Baran and submitted our panel title and coordinator for the SPM in Vancouver. PSACE and PSO are considering a merger, and will meet jointly at the SPM.

Distribution Subcommittee Update

McDermott attended this subcommittee meeting on Wednesday afternoon in place of Pahwa. This subcommittee reviews more papers than any other subcommittee in T&D. Vice Chair Cheri Warren may start sending some of the more analytical papers to Baran for reviews. Announced update to the radial test feeders, and the URL will be in their minutes. Suggested the feeders can be used as an aid to software vendor evaluation, or in-house utility software evaluation.

They are going to form a TF on the Impacts of DG on System Design, chaired by Reigh Walling, probably under their System Design WG. There would be little or no conflict between this TF and any DSASC efforts in DG modeling. Walling had attended the nascent General Systems WG on DG modeling Tuesday afternoon, chaired by Atef Morched, and reported on their suggested scope. The Distribution SC was a little concerned about the scope's broadness.

General Systems Subcommittee Update

McDermott attended this subcommittee meeting on Wednesday afternoon. General Systems falls under the T&D Committee and covers EMTP, harmonics, intelligent systems applications to T&D, and assorted other issues. Walling also attended to raise concerns about their DG modeling WG scope. There seemed to be a consensus that Distribution Subcommittee's TF will focus on system design impacts, while the General Systems Subcommittee's WG will focus on device modeling with some concern for the model applications. DSASC could have a TF in feeder-level analysis methods for DG with no conflicts.

Minutes prepared by
Tom McDermott
February 2, 2001
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