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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

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1997 Winter Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

  • Chairperson: Dr. Mesut Baran, North Carolina State University
  • Vice Chairperson: Dr. Edwin Liu, Bechtel Consulting
  • Secretary: Dr. Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University

Minutes of Winter 97 Meeting, February 5, 1997 New York, NY


Mesut Baran, Rich Christie, Roger Dugan, Roy Hoffman, Bill Kersting, Edwin Liu, Anil Pahwa, Noel N. Schulz, Hector Valtierra, Randy Wachal

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mesut Baran at 4:05 PM

Minutes of the Summer 1996 meeting were approved. This was followed by introductions.

It was suggested by some members that the web page of the subcommittee should be moved to the IEEE computer. Another suggestion was to put pointers on the IEEE web page.

Rich Christie mentioned that he would like to start a Task Force on Distribution Reliability Assessment. He will write a charter and the first meeting of the Task Force will be at the Winter 98 meeting.

Mesut Baran announced that the Panel Session sponsored by the subcommittee will be on Thursday, Feb. 6. He urged all the members to attend.

Mesut Baran asked the members to suggest possible activity in conjunction with the Summer Meeting in Berlin. A show of hand indicated that about 6 people will be going to Berlin. It was felt that holding a subcommitte will not be feasible. However, a panel session, paper session, or informal discussion could be arranged. Bill Kersting suggested that we could ask some speakers from Europe to present distribution analysis practices in Europe. Also, some speakers from USA could participate. This will provide a good comparison of distribution system analysis practices in Europe and USA. Everybody liked this idea and therefore, it was decided to setup a panel on this topic for the Berlin meeting. Noel Schulz offered to help. Rich Christie mentioned that he knows some people in Europe, who could possibly participate in the panel. Names of Prof. Lakervi and Kersting and of Roger Dugan were suggested as possible panelists. Bill Kersting reminded that names of the panelists have to be submitted by March 1.

The discussion then moved on to future issues. Mesut said that we should start thinking about analysis guidelines. Perhaps a paper or book can be published. Bill Kersting mentioned that the distribution test feeders need modifications. A better explanation of the data is needed and results should be included. Some people have reported difficulties in obtaining convergence for existing feeders because they have used different component models. It was suggested that users should be asked to submit their results. Rich Christie would like inclusion of a network type example system. Roy Hoffmann suggested that standardization of data format format is needed. Roger Dugan mentioned that the subcommittee should focus on data dictionary for distribution system analysis. At this point it was decided to set priorities. Hence, issue of models and test feeders was selected as the first priority and the issue of data requirements was selected as the next priority. A task force for test feedeers was created, which will be chaired by Bill Kersting. Mesut Baran, Edwin Liu and Rich Christie are other members of the task force.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.

Minutes recorded by
Anil Pahwa
June 10, 1997

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