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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


1998 Winter Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

at the IEEE PES Winter Meeting

Tampa, Florida

February 4, 1998

Chair: Mesut Baran

Minutes taken by: Rich Christie

Attendance: 12

An attendance list was circulated, Mesut said it would be emailed to committee members.

1. Attendees introduced themselves.

2. There was no meeting of the Subcommittee at the 1997 PES Summer Meeting in Berlin.

3. Mesut reported that the Panel session at the Summer Meeting went well, the audience was about 35.

4. Mesut led a discussion on subcommittee activities. He said the subcommittee needed to be more proactive and visible. Current activities include the Test Feeder Task Force under Bill Kersting and a new initiative led by Roger Dugan from the Power System Analytical Data Working Group on data models for distribution systems analysis.

5. Mesut reported on papers. Three papers were received for review. All three were rejected. All were of poor quality. This led to a discussion on issues in Distribution System Analysis: Bill Kersting suggested correct modeling of line parameters; Roger suggested Distribution Planning and economics; Gordon H. (PTI) said that papers are becoming more esoteric, and that timely stuff happens in panel sessions.

6. Roger Dugan moved to form a Task Force on Distribution System Analysis Data jointly with the Power System Analytical Data Working Group. The Task Force will extend the PSAD current work on data structures to include distribution system analysis. Existing work in this area includes the EPRI SIM data representation and the Data Requirements for Distribution Automation WG under the Transmission and Distribution Committee, working on GOMFRE models. The TF charge will be to come up with standard names for distribution analysis data. Rich Christie seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously. Those interested in working on the Task Force should contact Roger.

7. Bill Kersting discussed the Test Feeder Task Force. Test feeders of various sizes were published in a 1991 paper. He said they should be updated to include photovoltaic power source models and other forms of distributed generation. Ilya Roytelman discussed possible differences in 50 and 60 Hz models, single phase laterals and the effect of the neutral wire. These are inconsistent with sequence impedances. He suggested that physical impedances might be part of the test data, while Bill felt that this is why impedances must be computed from configuration data. A wider scope for the task force might be to choose appropriate line models, transformer models and load models for different applications. Bill said he would have a revision of the paper by the summer meeting.

8. Mesut discussed summer meeting activities. Roger Dugan will report on the capabilities of various vendor analysis tools (without giving vendor names) at the subcommittee meeting. No panel topics were suggested, but panel topics may be emailed to Mesut.

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