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Radial Test Feeders


Power Engineering Society

PSACE Committee


1999 Winter Meeting - IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

  • Chairperson: Dr. Mesut Baran, North Carolina State University
  • Secretary: Dr. Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University

Minutes of Winter 99 Meeting, February 2, 1999


Mesut Baran, Karen Butler, Rich Christie, Robert deMello, Roger Dugan, Bill Kersting, Tom McDermott, Karen Miu, Hiroyuki Mori, Anil Pahwa, Vic Romers, Ilya Royteman, Noel N. Schulz, William Schwinghammer, Steve Widegren

Baran welcomed all the attendees which was followed by introductions.

Minutes of the Summer 98 meeting were approved.

Baran provided details of changes in the paper review process. He mentioned that the new deadline for submission of abstracts is December 1 for summer meeting and August 15 for winter meeting.


Baran asked members to provide suggestions regarding panel session for the Summer Meeting 1999, for which the deadline is March 1, 1999. He suggested "Distribution System Models for Power System Quality and Reliability Analysis". Dugan suggested inclusion of a presentation on application of EPRI's commom information model (CIM) to distribution systems. He mentioned that he is chairing a task force on Distribution System Analytical Data Dictionary and is looking for volunteers tp participate. Distribution system software vendors have also expressed an interest in common data definition and IEEE standard names. He further said that IEC is also working on this subject. He would like to coordinate the task force work with the CIM effort. He and Tom McDermottt will look for participants. Dugan also volunteered to speak on effects on dispersed generation on power quality. Baran will look for a person to coordinate setting up of the panel.


Baran suggested formation of a task force on intelligent systems for distribution system analysis and planning. Butler mentioned that a similar task force is being formed in Chen-Ching Liu's subcommittee on Intelligent System Applications. Butler suggested making it a joint task force because most of the applications of intelligent systems are relevant to distribution system analysis. Such joint effort will increase overlap between subcommittee scopes. Everyone agreed that it is a good idea. Mori will serve as the liasion person for this effort. Butler will try to get the meetings arranged in such a way that there are no conflicts.


Kersting made a short presentation on the new version of his paper on test feeders. He mentioned that he has included time delay in the operation of regulators. However, he needs help with other ideas. Inclusion of dispersed generation, reliability analysis data including outage rates, number of customers, protective devices, and impedance values of the feeders were suggested as items for future modifications. Schulz suggested that it can be finalized in the present form and other features can be added later. Christie mentioned that distribution system reliability is handled by Distribution System Design Subcommittee and we should be careful not to infringe on their activities.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by
Anil Pahwa
July 10, 1999

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