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Power & Energy Society Lightning and Insulator Subcommittee - Insulator Working Groups and Task Forces

Lightning and Insulator Subcommittee for Overhead Lines   (SC 15.09):

Chair: Andrew. E. Schwalm, Victor Insulators, Inc., 585-924-2127, 280 Maple Avenue, Victor, NY 14564, USA

Vice-Chair: Masoud Farzaneh, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, (418) 545-5044, 555 Boulevard de L'universite, Chicoutimi PQ G7H 2B1 Canada

Secretary: W. A. Chisholm, Kinectrics/UQAC, 800 Kipling Ave, Toronto ON M8Z 6C4

Scope: Treatment and investigation of lightning phenomena as they affect the operation and economics of overhead lines. Analysis of various means for preventing lightning outages in power systems. Design, application and standards for all types of overhead line insulators including attachments to minimize arc damage and control of the electrostatic fields.

The Lightning Working Groups within the Subcommittee maintain a separate web site.

Next meeting: Las Vegas, NV February 2011.

Insulator Performance of Overhead Lines Working Group (WG 15.09.09)

Chair: R. Allen Bernstorf, Hubbell/The Ohio Brass Co., 330-335-2361, Wadsworth OH 44281, USA

Scope: Study of the chemical, electrical and other mechanisms resulting in changes in the performance of dielectric material used in transmission, distribution and substation outdoor insulators. Study of environmental and other parameters that affect the rate of change of performance during outdoor exposure. Development of corresponding test methods, performance standards and application guidance.

Next meeting: February 16, 2011, 1PM - 5 PM  Las Vegas NV - Vdara Hotel, Room: Rafael 2.

Minutes, Publications, Roster, Agenda

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Task Force (Braced Line Posts)

The task force has completed its work and presented a summary of their  results in the form of a panel session at the IEEE PES/T&D Exhibition in Chicago, IL in April of 2008.

Panel members were:

Tutorial Group Insulators 101

The Group has completed its initial work and presented their work in the form of a panel session at the IEEE PES/T&D Exhibition in New Orleans, LA in April of 2010.

Panel members were:

  • A. C. Baker, K-Line Insulators
  • Tom Grisham - Griscut Ltd.
  • R. A. Bernstorf - Hubbell Power Systems
  • Andy Schwalm - Victor Insulators

Task Forces and Tutorial Groups:

Task Force: Aging of Outdoor Insulator Dielectric Material (TF

Chair: Dr. John Kuffel, Kinectrics, 416-207-6047, 800 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, ON, M8Z 6C4, Canada

Scope: To identify and promote the study of the mechanisms that change the performance of dielectric materials used in transmission, distribution and substation outdoor insulators. The Task Force provides technical leadership and liaison with Dielectrics and Insulation Society activities in this area.

Next meeting: To be announced.

Task Force: Improving In-Service Contamination Performance (TF

Chair: David Shaffner, Pacific Gas & Electric, 419-973-6755, San Francisco, CA

Scope: To develop a guide that assists the industry in diagnosis and remediation options for electric power system insulation components that have unsatisfactory contamination performance.

Action: A draft paper has been prepared for review and submission for publication.

Task Force: Electric Fields and Nonceramic Insulators (TF

Chair: Dr. Andrew Phillips, EPRI, 704-717-6438 Charlotte, NC USA

Scope: To develop a task force paper that recommends appropriate ways to simulate the electric field exposure of nonceramic insulators in normal outdoor applications.

Next meeting: To be announced.

Task Force: Bird Related Outages (TF

Chair: Dr. Raji Sundararajan, Purdue University, 765-494-6912, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

Scope: This guide documents methods and designs to mitigate interruptions and equipment damage caused by birds in different ways, such as electrocution, collision, contamination, and streamer outages in substations, transmission lines and distribution lines and their various components, such as insulators, bushings, capacitor banks, thereby improving reliability and minimizing the associated revenue loss including penalties due to the violation of wild life treaties as well as negative publicity.

Action: IEEE Guide 1651 has been submitted for publication.

Task Force: Insulator Contamination Testing and Dielectric Aging Performance (TF

Chair: Dr. Anibal de la O Lavalle, TYCO Electronics, 919-557-8855, 8000 Purfoy Road, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Scope: .

Next meeting: To be determined.

Task Force: Guidelines for Establishing Procedures for Live Line Working of Non Ceramic Insulators (TF

Chair: Tony Carreira, K-Line Insulators Ltd., 416-292-2008, 50 Passmore Ave., Toronto, ON, M1V 4T1, Canada

Scope: In co-operation with ESMOL, the Task Force will develop a common vocabulary and inspection criteria for the various changes in dielectric materials of transmission, distribution and substation insulators that occur with time and exposure. Electronic presentation of the results on an appropriate web site is a target deliverable.

Next meeting: February 16, 2011, 11-12 AM Las Vegas NV - Vdara Hotel, Room: Rafael 2.

Preliminary Guidelines

Task Force: Corona Testing of Hardware & Insulators   (TF

Chair: Dr. John Kuffel, Kinectrics, 416-207-6047, 800 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, ON, M8Z 6C4, Canada

Scope: A joint task force with TP&C Committee.

Next meeting: February 16, 2011, 9-10 AM  Las Vegas NV - Vdara Hotel, Room: Rafael 2.

Task Force: Icing Test Methods & Mitigation Techniques (TF

Chair: Masoud Farzaneh, University of Quebec, 418-545-5044, 555 Boulevard de l'Universite, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, G7H 2B1

Scope: Prepare guidelines for icing test methods and procedures to evaluate the electrical performance of insulators. Previous Task Forces have been refining test methods for freezing conditions, including ice and snow, since 1999.  The present Task Force will consolidate the findings and will  recommend specific, appropriate and reproducible test methods for selecting adequate insulators.  The scope includes test methods for substation and line insulators at distribution and transmission voltage levels.   The test methods detail special measures to reproduce the environmental and insulator parameters that influence the risk of flashover in freezing conditions. Statistical methods will also be recommended to assist in the insulator selection process.This will be achieved through deriving relevant test parameters from IEEE Std. 4 and other relevant standards and guides recommended by organisms such as CIGRE and IEC. Some of the work is being done jointly with DEIS and PES.

Action: This task force has published 5 papers during its work period. P1783 has been accepted as a new IEEE Standard (June 2009).

Next meeting: February 16, 2011, 8:30-9 AM  Las Vegas NV - Vdara Hotel, Room: Rafael 2.

Task Force: High Temperature Conductor Effects on Ceramic and Nonceramic Insulator Performance (TF

Chair: Jack Varner, Southern Company, 404-608-5593, Forest Park, GA, 30297 USA

Scope: .

Next meeting: To be determined.

Task Force: Review of Mechanisms that Affect the In-Service and End-of-Life Decisions for Ceramic and Glass Insulators (TF

Chair: Ezio Del Bello, Sediver

Scope: .

Action: A draft paper has been presented and is under review by the task force. Target for completion and balloting is Dec. 2009.

Next meeting: To be determined.

Task Force: Draft Recommended Practices on Insulator Loadings (TF

Chair: A. C. Baker, K-Line Insulators Ltd., 585-235-2870, 200 Buell Road, Rochester, NY 14624

Scope: . Develop a guideline recommending maximum in service loadings on insulators, and clarifying how these relate to existing national standards. Develop guidelines for using Insulator Standards in evaluating insulators removed from service.

Action: A draft paper has been circulated to task force members for comment. Target date for publication is July 2010.

Next meeting: February 16, 2011, 8-8:30 AM  Las Vegas NV - Vdara Hotel, Room: Rafael 2.

Tutorial Group:  INSULATORS 101

Chair: T. Grisham, GRISCUT Ltd. 630-584-1992, 935 South Third Street, St. Charles, IL 60174

Scope: Provide the first in a series of tutorials that focus on the design, installation and performance characteristics for distribution and transmission class insulators.  The content is directed at the younger engineer that has little knowledge of insulators, while providing a highly effective reference for experienced designers.  Specifically, this group will develop a tutorial that focuses on the history, types of designs, processes of manufacturing, in-process inspection, qualification by ANSI standards, performance characteristics and field installation requirements.  Ultimately, this work will result in the publication of an IEEE guide.

Action: A presentation was made to the 2010 Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition - New Orleans, LA, Tuesday 20 April, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (TD02Tu3P)

Next meeting: To be determined.

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Power & Energy Society
T & D Committee

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