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Investigate various aspects of the dynamic performance of power systems at the level of a given machine, a company or area, or for an interconnected region.  Initiate and coordinate studies, symposia, panel discussions and tutorials related to the subject.  Cooperate with other interested groups in the development of standards that affect system dynamic performance.  Coordinate activities, where possible, with other groups on analytical models which affect system dynamic performance.

Subject Areas


Power system dynamic modeling: components and systems


Power system stability: phenomena, analysis, and techniques


Power system stability controls: design and applications


Monitoring and measurement of power system dynamic performance (including synchrophasor measurements)


Power system interaction with turbine generators


Power system dynamic performance of cyber-physical energy systems


Modeling and dynamic performance of microgrids and distributed energy systems


Power system restoration dynamics


Dynamic security assessment: techniques and applications, risk-based methods


Modeling and dynamic performance of renewable energy systems


Simulation of large interconnected power systems: modeling issues and solution schemes


Benchmark systems for power system dynamic analysis


The history of the Power System Dynamic Performance Committee

Record of activities conducted since 2008


Organization & Procedures

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Committee officers

Claudio Canizares, Chair

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Canada

Costas Vournas, Vice-Chair

National Technical University

Athens, Greece

Leonardo Lima, Secretary

Kestrel Power


Immediate Past-Chair & Webmaster, PR/Marketing Representative

Pouyan Pourbeik, Past-Chair and Fellows WG Chair



Rodrigo Ramos, Webmaster and PR/Marketing Representative

University of Sao Paulo

Sao Carlos, Brazil



The IEEE PES Power System Dynamic Performance Committee has two subcommittees:


Working Groups and Technical Council Liaison

Awards and Recognition WG

Juan J. Sanchez-Gasca

Technical Sessions Committee (TCPC - GM, T&D)

Udaya Annakkage
Gregor Verbic

Organization and Procedures Committee

Pouyan Pourbeik

Fellows Advisory WG Chair (*)

Pouyan Pourbeik

Wind and Solar

Pouyan Pourbeik

Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee

Claudio Cañizares

Nikos Hatziargyriou

Glauco Taranto


(*) How to write an effective fellow nomination


Members on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Nikos Hatziargyriou

Innocent Kamwa

Federico Milano

Venkataramana Ajjarapu

Aleksandar Stankovic

Mariesa Crow

Arturo Roman Messina

Glauco N. Taranto

Zhenyu (Henry) Huang

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